Health Tips For Your Pet

Most families consider their pets to be members of the family, which is why so many people worry about pet health issues. Whether you have house pets or you run a large piece of property with all kinds of animals, you feel that responsibility that comes with keeping your pets healthy. There are plenty of options available for pet owners who want to do the best for their pets, and there are steps you can take to keep your pet healthy.


Health Insurance

Family health insurance is an investment that becomes essential when someone becomes sick or is seriously injured. If your furry friend gets sick or is injured, the vet bills can be extremely difficult to handle for your family budget. That is why pet owners need to look into investing in health insurance for their pets. Whether you need health insurance for horses or a policy to cover your dog, pet health insurance can be an invaluable commodity when your pet becomes ill or injured.

The Right Food

Some people assume that human food should be just fine for pets because food is food no matter what species you are. But there are some foods that are harmful to certain kinds of pets, and there is also the issue of making sure that your pets get the right kind of nutrients to live a healthy life. If your pet’s primary source of food is table scraps, then you may be doing more harm than good for your pet’s health. Talk to your vet about the right foods for your pet and make sure you are doing everything you can to keep them healthy.


Almost every living being requires sunshine on a regular basis to be healthy. While some pets are left outdoors and get plenty of sunshine, indoor pets tend to not get the sunshine they need to keep their bodies healthy. If you have an indoor pet, then make sure they get plenty of sunshine either through the windows or build them an enclosed area where they can safely play in the sunshine.

If you love your pet, then you need to do everything you can to take care of them. There are plenty of products and sources of advice you can use to make sure that your pet gets all of the nourishment and medical treatment they need to stay healthy for many years.

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How To Teach Your Children To Be Compassionate Towards Animals

Is your toddler a tyke towards animals? Pulled tails, smacking, and generally harmful behaviour shows that your little one fails to identify an animal as a living thing that needs kindness. Teaching your child to be compassionate towards animals will reach out to human beings during key development stages, making your kid averse to violence and hurting others.

compassionate towards animals

Children that are kind to animals are more likely to grow up humane, caring, and law-abiding. Compassion is one of the most important values you can teach your little one, as there’s often a link between people who are abusive towards animals and people who are violent towards human beings.

Be Kind To Animals

Lead by example. Reflect on your own actions towards animals. Even if the household pet is irritating you, don’t shout hurtful things towards it or hit the animal. Where possible, include your pet in family life; allow it to live inside with everyone else and treat it as an extension of your family. Make time to play with the animal.

When unwanted creatures enter your home, such as spiders or beetles, don’t kill them. Safely escort them outside. Avoid saying negative things about animals, such as “I hate chickens” or “dogs are annoying.”

Welcome Wildlife Into Your Garden

Work on making your garden animal-friendly. This means planting flowers and plants that attract butterflies and bumblebees. Hanging bird feeders will attract all sorts of feathered friends into your back garden. Make your home a haven for animals and positively reinforce being respectful towards them.

Read Books And Watch Films

Reading books about animals to your child will help develop empathy. Films, such as Bambi and Babe, do the same. This is one time when it’s okay to actively encourage your little one to sit in front of the box.

Adopt A Pet

Going to an animal shelter can help your child identify how everyone needs a loving home, including dogs and cats. Let your little one know that animals which have been abused and neglected need extra love; also explain that the dog or cat may be scared to begin with, so everyone must be gentle with it.

Make a decision together about which pet to adopt and encourage your kid to bond with it. Animals often display very human behaviour, and hopefully your child will pick up on that. Give your new pet a name and a birthday to be celebrated every year.

Go For A Day Out

Every family needs to make the time for a day out. Take your child where the animals are. Whether this is on a long walk in a forest or to the nearest zoo, it’s up to you.

If you go to a safari park, chat about the importance of conservation for animals that are close to extinction and explain the rudiments of evolution – how we are all animals really and that other species are not so different from us.

Post provided by Tony, a British blogger writing on behalf of Knowsley Safari Park.

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Keeping Them Busy

The annual holiday is that time of the year when the whole family can drop their responsibilities, stresses and grudges with one another, and head off to a place of serenity and some well-timed relationship bonding. If, like many other families, you are the proud owner of a cat, holiday season can pose a bit of a conundrum with what to do with your pet.


Finding the best solution for your pet when you’re going on holiday can be done by taking certain aspects into consideration. Making your pet feel at home even when he isn’t will be achieved if the person who’s going to look after him loves pets and most importantly has had the chance to meet the animal at least once before you leave.

Cats tend to be fussier and their trust is harder to gain therefore they are first on the list. Seeking attention only when desired means that the person in charge has to be patient. Taking them too far away from the place they live at will make them feel home sick and try to escape in an attempt to return to where they belong. Another trick which might distract felines is bringing their toys along with them. Cat scratching posts and climbers will trigger their playful mood and days tend to go by faster when having a good time.

Puppies make the situation even more difficult, because they crave attention 24 hours a day/7 days a week. At such a young age all they think about is playing and running around. Keeping a young dog entertained may turn out to be trickier than you thought. In such cases, toys which have fun shapes and produce squeaky noises can keep a puppy in awe for a couple of days. Another secret would be to hide some of the toys, so that the fluffy critter forgets about them and when you give the objects back, he discovers them all over again. Kong Dog Toys have a wide range of products to choose from.

By the time they reach maturity, dogs tend to get highly attached to their owners. When they are separated from the ones they are devoted to, canines might feel very lonely and abandoned. Therefore looking for a substitute while you are away on holiday is important.

In addition to this, buying toys which require use of their intelligence will keep them busy and physically active. They won’t have time to be bored and miss you. Dog agility toys can be ordered on the Viovet online pet store.

Agua is Dead

Agua, RJ’s red bird is dead. It died the other day and Bendita was chirping the whole day. May be birds are grieving too. (click here for Agua and Bendita’s story). We don’t know what happened but looks like Agua is already sick when hubby bought it. I am glad I was able to prepare RJ this time about the possible things that may happen to her pets. I saw RJ’s reaction when her first pet Nemo (a fish) died. It was quite traumatic for her because she was there when Nemo was gasping for air. She was crying and yelling “Mama, Mama, help Nemo!” But how? As much as I want to save Nemo, I can’t do anything. I have learned my lessons that is why the first day we had Agua and Bendita, I discussed with RJ the possible things that could happen including death. She is turning 8 this July so somehow she understands the nature and consequences of death.

Discussing their pets death with our kids sounds morbid but that is the right thing to do. For most kids, pets are more than just animals-they are their bestfriends. Unfortunately, the joy or owning a pet goes with the heartbreak of losing one because of accidents, old age or illness. It is impossible to shelter our kids from losing a pet but helping them to understand death and preparing them could help them take their pets’ death lightly and cope with the pain sooner.  Explain the cycle of life in a level that your kids can understand. Explain that death is a natural part of life. Answer any questions that your children might have about what happened depending on their age and maturity level. Most importantly, be at their side while they are grieving and explain to them that the pain will go away eventually but their pets memories will remain.

Agua and Bendita


These are Agua (water) and Bendita (blessed), RJ’s new pets. RJ named them after the main characters in a telenovela from a local channel here. She asked for birds so hubby bought these birds yesterday. These are two of those things that will keep her busy this vacation. Yes, I know I have asthma so we should not have pets with furs or feathers, but maybe these two little cuties will not do me any harm. Besides, these are what RJ wants, they excite her and bring a lot of joy to her.

Having pets has positive physical, physiological and emotional effects on children. Researchers have proven that…

•Pet owners have better psychological well-being.
•Positive self-esteem of children is enhanced by owning a pet.
•Children owning pets are more involved in activities such as sports, hobbies, clubs or chores.
•Contact with pets develops nurturing behavior in children who may grow to be more nurturing adults. (source)

Just this morning, these birds are the first things that crossed RJ’s mind. She fed them, gave them water and I saw her smiling and talking to them. These pets will not just teach our little girl to be responsible, she also has little friends now to laugh with.