Protect Your Family from Bed Bugs

Sometimes even how clean our house is, we cannot control the existence of insects. These tiny pestering creatures somehow think that they belong with the family and have the right to stay in our house. Insects that we seldom pay attention to are the bed bugs.

Bed bugs live in tiny cracks of furniture, clothing and bedding. They suck blood from human and animals and though the bite itself is painless and is not noticed, itching commonly occurs. Though they have not been proven to carry infections, researchers have implicated bed bugs as possible carrier of trypanosomiasis or Chagas disease. Chagas disease infections can spread when person accidentally rubs feces of an infected bug into an open wound, mouth or eyes and it can sometimes cause death particularly to infants. Scientists still yet to determine whether bed bugs may serve as Chagas disease carriers but you do not want to take chances, do you?  What we want is to protect our family from any infections and diseases.

The best thing to do is to find ways how you can prevent bed bugsfrom pestering you. And if your house is already infested, you do not have much choice but to dismantle your furniture most especially bed frames to expose bedbugs’ hiding sites and treat it with insecticides. There are several products on the market that works well for bed bugs. As for the garments and linens, soak them in hot water (120ºF minimum). Then clean very well the infested room. Brush all the possible corners and cracks to dislodge eggs. Or if you want, you can hire exterminators and they will find all the places where bed bugs are hiding, and will use various insecticides – sprays, dusts, and aerosols.


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Getting Rid of Pests

I am cleaning the house everyday but still I see mice roaming around. Seem like they are teasing me, saying “Come and get me if you can.” I know they are part of animal kingdom and that they have lives. They may be doing their jobs out in the nature but when they are in our homes and yards, they are pests, right? Pests can do harm to our properties or worst, can pose dangers to our family. Getting rid of them is like killing fire ant nests in your lawn. They keep on coming back when not treated well.I suddenly remember my grandfather struggling with fire ants. He didn’t want to use common pesticides. According to him, these pesticides are made of toxic chemicals which are harmful to humans and poisonous to the environment. He just blanched them with boiling water. It worked but not for so long because the fire ants just moved to a different part of the yard. Then he finally unveiled the secret and found a solution. The best thing to do is to know more about these pests – how they spread into different areas, the extent of the damage they can make to properties and the dangers they pose to people. By knowing how they live and operate you can easily know how to stop and exterminate them.

Hmmm…I think I have to do the same thing to get rid of these mice.