Free Hobbies

Hobbies can be very expensive sometimes so hubby and I are lucky that the things that interest us are for free.Blogging of course is on the top of my list. Unlike other hobbies wherein you need to spend, this one is giving me money instead. And mind you, not just money but $$$. So for me this is the best among the bests, lol!

Second on my list is cooking. Well, I consider cooking as a hobby though I am obliged to do this one. Usually I cook foods that are not part of our everyday meal, like snacks or something special on weekends. That is the time I consider cooking as a hobby. I love trying new recipes and the more complicated it is, the more I enjoy.

Third is watching movies at home on our DVD with hubby and sometimes with RJ. This is also one of the bests. With the air conditioner on, big pillows around us, chips and sodas on the side, who would not enjoy this one?

I also love doing crafts, sketching and reading novels of Sidney Sheldon and John Grisham though I seldom do these anymore. Usually, my schedule does not permit me.

As for Rhonnel, he only has the three hobbies that I know. Top on his list is reading. He always has book in his bag. He easily gets bored so he has book to kill his boredom anytime of the day. He loves watching movies especially those about World War II and he plays basketball every Saturday and Sunday morning.

There are other past times that we can bring in our lives but we are not both adventurous and much more we are not open to expensive ones. The free hobbies above are enough for us to keep the balance between our busy moments and free time.