Internet Safety Tips For Kids

Kids these days are well versed with the internet. At an early age, they already have their own social networking accounts and they can easily operate the latest gadgets. This is inevitable as their generation happens to be living with this kind of technology. However, it doesn’t mean that they no longer need our guidance.

internet safety

As parents, we should also be aware of what’s happening in the internet so that when our kids ask something about it, we can relate to them immediately. If your kids sensed that you have absolutely no idea of what they’re talking about, they will end up discovering the answer themselves and might get inappropriate answers.

If you have rules inside your house, you should also start having your rules when they surf the internet and start it by placing your computer in the family room or in place wherein most of you stay. If they’re into social networking, be one of their friends or connections and keep them reminded that they shouldn’t be sending personal information to a connection that they don’t know personally.

Let yourself become an example to your children. They should know what are your interests online because they would most ikely mimic what you’re doing.

The internet can either be helpful or harmful to your children as it contains various kinds of information. As parents, you should see to it that they won’t have access to those restricted sites and set a time limit so that they won’t get addicted to it. If they want to play games online then set a time for it and be firm with your curfew.

The internet can also be accessed in their phones and other gadgets so might as well include it in your reminder. Your children should be guided accordingly and you should have time to do it for them.

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What Happens When Parents Are Too Permissive

Parenting is a lifetime process and no one really knows how to do it perfectly. In most cases, parenting is being reflected on how you experienced it from your parents and whenever you find it effective, you would also do it to your kids.

Some new parents would keep themselves busy reading parenting books or perhaps watching parenting guide videos. However, parenting is subjective and parenting is unique in each individual. The parenting style of one person may not be effective to the other and entire process is fully trial and error.

permissive parent

There are parents who don’t want their children to be upset. As much possible, they see to it that everything that their children want would be given. This is the time wherein parents tend to become very permissive. Permissive parenting is one of those four types of parenting wherein there is little or minimal rules implemented. They don’t pressure their kids that much when it comes to curfew, things that shouldn’t be done and they will just allow them to learn their own mistakes. Somehow it builds independence but in the long run, children wouldn’t be able to learn how to organize themselves.

If children are used that their parents are permissive, they would think that anything they want to do would be okay. They would think that they can do things on their own and their parents will just be fine with it.

As time pass by, these kids can’t easily follow rules and regulations that would end up hopping from one workplace to another. Sometimes being too permissive is not good. As the saying goes, “anything too much is not okay”. Same goes with parenting, if you’re too strict, your kids would end up being scared their entire life and if you’re too lax, they would end up disorganized.

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Hubby and I as Parents

While I was pregnant I read many parenting books and magazines for the tips, advices and ideas. I was hoping to be knowledgeable and capable enough as parent before RJ arrives. But being a parent is not as easy as I thought. Yes, I got tips and ideas but it’s not that easy to apply in real life. I think what guided me the most is my motherly instinct.

RJ is a good girl. Aside from being sick sometimes, we didn’t encounter any problem with her. She’s very obedient, respectful and she’s doing great in school. May be this is because we talk to her ever since. But a child as she is, she has these little mistakes sometimes that need to be corrected. Between me and Rhonnel, it is me who punishes RJ the most like giving a light whip on the butt or grounding her for a day or two. I see to it that she can’t go out and play outside whenever she did something wrong. But then Rhonnel was always on the rescue and did the bargaining with me asking if I can lower my sentence in just a day. When I grounded RJ for a week, he asked me to make it just 3 days…sigh. Then we will talk to her after that it is for her own good and profit and she understands. Rhonnel seldom gets mad so I don’t understand why RJ is more afraid of him. She always does things with enthusiasm if it’s for her dad but whenever I ask her to do something I hear “Wait po” most of the time…sigh again.

But then it is me who always give in to RJ’s craves and desires especially on toys that I didn’t get any chance to have when I was a child. She will do something for us though in exchange of these material things like perfect quizzes and high grades. We do not mean and don’t have any intensions of spoiling her. We just want her to feel that we love her.

It’s an advantage that all RJ’s playmates are 3-4 years older than her. This made her to be a little mature than other children of her age. Now that she’s a big girl, the time of speaking in scope of her understanding is finally over. We can talk to her about sensitive issues and can be honest with her. It’s my job to explain to her about girly things like monthly period, pregnancy, etc. It’s Rhonnel’s job to answer queries about sports, technologies, etc. Whenever she needs something, she’ll look for me and when she needs playmate on computer games or other gadgets, she’ll ask for Rhonnel. She does know our expertise…ehehe!

If RJ is sick, we both stay up and check on her but if I am too sleepy and can’t hold on any longer, Rhonnel asks me to sleep and he’s the one who looks after RJ. Yes, we practice co-parenting and shared parenting responsibilities. We both don’t believe that Moms should be the primary caregivers and do the parenting duties alone.