How To Deal With Single Parenting

No one in this world ever thought of having a child without a mother or a father. Most people may have their own picture of a perfect family having two parents but, in reality, there are many cases that only a single parent is raising his or her children.

This job may be challenging but could be equally rewarding as well. There are tips given to guide single parents out there who do not know what to do.

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First on the list is to find help. You may be a single parent but you probably have family members or close friends who could offer help. Allow them to help because whether you like or not you would need an ample amount of it. You can also find a support group having similar situations so that you could share your feelings and in the same way you can hear their stories and learn from it. This could help you overcome some situations that you do not know how to deal with it.

In single parenting, it is very important to balance everything most especially time. Because there are some single parents who do work for income or some are still studying, it is very important to find a way to balance all parts of life. If you think your present job occupies most of your time, which tends to lose your time to your kid, find another job that can let you work flexible hours. It is very important to look after your kid.

Moreover, you should also find time to enjoy and have a break. Plan a special trip or any bonding activities that would get you closer to your kids.

These are just simple ways to cope with the challenges of single parenting but this could really help. It is very important to establish the self-esteem of your children as they grow older so that despite having an incomplete family, they would still be able to feel love and care.

How Well Do You Know Your Child?

Knowing your little one is more than knowing what his favorite color and favorite foods are. It’s all about knowing his personality, his traits, and his interests among others. This is the only way you can understand your child and help him become the best he could ever be. This getting-to-know you stage is not something that is orchestrated nor is it something that can be done when the child is older. You have to start developing your relationship with your child early on in his life.

know your child
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As early as his infancy and toddler years, you have to closely observe your child and become attuned to his thought processes. Make bonding with your child a regular part of your daily routine. It is easy to just let your child go off and do what he wants to do in his room especially when he reaches schooling age. The biggest mistake parents can make is to let this happen and to give in to the luxury of having some quiet time without the kids running around the house or asking them a million and one questions.

It is always best to get your child used to being with you even if you are not doing the same things. You can both be in the kitchen with you cooking dinner on the stove and your child doing his homework on the kitchen counter. Keep communications lines open so that your child can freely talk to you and share his opinions with you. Encourage questions. Make it easy for him to ask you questions about things that he does not understand. When you take the time to address his questions, he will be more likely to answer yours too. It will be easier for you to probe and find out what your child is feeling, what he wants to do, and how the world looks from his own point-of-view.

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What Happens When Parents Are Too Permissive

Parenting is a lifetime process and no one really knows how to do it perfectly. In most cases, parenting is being reflected on how you experienced it from your parents and whenever you find it effective, you would also do it to your kids.

Some new parents would keep themselves busy reading parenting books or perhaps watching parenting guide videos. However, parenting is subjective and parenting is unique in each individual. The parenting style of one person may not be effective to the other and entire process is fully trial and error.

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There are parents who don’t want their children to be upset. As much possible, they see to it that everything that their children want would be given. This is the time wherein parents tend to become very permissive. Permissive parenting is one of those four types of parenting wherein there is little or minimal rules implemented. They don’t pressure their kids that much when it comes to curfew, things that shouldn’t be done and they will just allow them to learn their own mistakes. Somehow it builds independence but in the long run, children wouldn’t be able to learn how to organize themselves.

If children are used that their parents are permissive, they would think that anything they want to do would be okay. They would think that they can do things on their own and their parents will just be fine with it.

As time pass by, these kids can’t easily follow rules and regulations that would end up hopping from one workplace to another. Sometimes being too permissive is not good. As the saying goes, “anything too much is not okay”. Same goes with parenting, if you’re too strict, your kids would end up being scared their entire life and if you’re too lax, they would end up disorganized.

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Perfect Parents

Our parents are considered to be one of the most important people in this world. They are the reasons why we exist today and allowed us to witness the magnificent world. They have the option to abort us while when we were in our mother’s womb but they chose to give us life.

Our mothers carried us in their wombs for nine months and that is already one big sacrifice. After that they went through the unimaginable pain just to deliver us safely.

When we were born, our fathers didn’t stop finding means just to provide all our needs and including our wants just to give us a comfortable life. From the day we were born to the time we’re growing up, our parents will not get tired of providing us, taking care of us, and will not stop teaching us the lessons that we need to learn.

In this world, we have different kinds of parents. They have different parenting techniques in raising their children.

There are parents who strive hard on their work; they are those full time career parents. They want to earn good so that they can prepare a good future for their children but they tend to spend less time with them. There are also parents who are contented for what they have or just strive enough for them yet they don’t want to miss a single significant moment with their children. Those parents who want to witness every “first’s” of their kids like first time to walk, to say words, to go to school and etc.

The two situations presented above may be different scenarios of being a parent, but one thing is similar, they just want the best for their children. Moreover, no matter how different each parent raises his or her child, no one could ever tell how to do a perfect parenting technique because no one was able to become one yet.

Parental Presence During Musical Recitals

There would have been no parent who won’t be proud when their child would finally showcase his or her talent in music. This usually happens during school presentations wherein some teachers would organize song numbers and similar activities.

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Parents should see to it that no matter how busy they are in their work, they would be able to set some time to witness. It isn’t necessary that both of you will be present as long as one of you can make it. The presence of either one of you is similar to the presence of a monitor stands. It contributes in boosting their self esteem thus doing their best in the mentioned activity.

This is one of the times that you could enhance their potential presence in the music industry. If the time comes that your child will ask an enrollment in a musical class or perhaps join their school’s musical group, do not hesitate to let them join. Some parents would even suggest these things to them because they were once a member or these were once their dream.

Parental presence is indeed very important because no matter how the audience will commend his or her performance, the feeling is different when your parents or one of them is there.