Something to Pass On

I remember when I was still studying you can always see me on stage, dancing, every time there’s a program in school. That was from kinder to college. I have this passion for dancing. Oh how I miss swaying my hips, extending my extremities gracefully, turning, splitting and all those fancy costumes! This was taken during our dance competition in college. We represented the Medical Technology Department and got the second place. I am the one in white. Star dancer, daw?!
college days
This is my passion that I was able to pass on RJ.
 She also loves to read, which she got from both hubby and me.
And she has this passion for music which she got from Rhonnel.
Tomorrow is her first day on voice lessons and she is so excited.
We have no any “pamana” or material things to pass on to RJ except for my few pieces of not-so-precious jewelries and this house of course, as she is our only child, but we are glad that she got our love for reading, our talents, and good traits.