Giving Away Old Stuffs

When I cleaned our house I saw RJ’s toys that are untouched for a long time and I asked her if we can just donate it. I want to give her old toys away to give room for the new ones. RJ gladly said “yes” with matching nodding of her head.

When RJ was younger, she cries whenever I give her old toys away. She is not selfish, she was just too attached to her toys and she was also somehow felt obliged to keep them because mostly are from hubby, me and her grandparents. Someone advised me to just pack up the toys while RJ is sleeping but I was afraid she will ask for them one day.

So, what did I do to make her said “yes”? Nothing. I just waited for her to be mature enough to understand that we can’t keep some things forever. Now that she understands things, I let her sort and choose which toys to give away. I know there are less fortunate kids who would love to have her toys. RJ now knows how to give, not only her old toys but other stuffs as well such as old clothes, shoes and bags. We are very proud of her!