Playing Out in the Rain

It rained cats and dogs yesterday. RJ asked me if she can play out in the rain. I was hesitant at first but then I remember my childhood. Playing in the rain was my favorite thing to do with my siblings and cousins. We were barefooted playing tag, hide and seek, etc., unmindful of the muddy ground. And so my nostalgia became RJ’s pass to play out in the rain. Lol!

playing in the rain

Yes, no wellies, coats and umbrellas, didn’t mind to get wet and dirty just like we were. Watching RJ play with her friends made me feel like a child again.

out in the rain

How about you, do you let your kids to play out in the rain? When there’s no lightning and thunder and it’s not so chilly, don’t you think it’s good for your kids to play outside than to be cooped indoors and get bored? Thumping in the water and jumping into created puddles are fun not to mention the other games that your kids can play like tag, volleyball and football. It’s sad when kids are not allowed to get wet and splash out in the muddles and muds sometimes.

Those were the Days

I have forgotten about these pictures until I saw them on my Aunt’s Facebook wall. She’s asking us if we still remember these. Good to know that she still have them. I can’t recall what the occasions were when these two pictures were taken but most probably it was December as we mostly had our reunions on holiday season.

If I am not mistaken, this one was taken 12 years ago before I got married. I am the 4th from the left. The one below was taken when I was still on third year college 20 years ago. Those were the days.

Just this week, at my Aunt Cora’s funeral, I was able to be with my cousins again. It could have been a great get-together if not for the overwhelming emotions.

Our Deepest Sympathy

High school life is the most exciting stage of my life as a student. I had so many friends from different groups when I was in high school but got only two best friends, Hazel and Mylene. We were all welcome on one another’s family and often did hang out at one another’s place.

Me, Hazel and Mylene

Just like my parents, Hazel and Mylene’s parents are all very kind and understanding. They understand if we need to sleep over or have “lupakan” or make “nilupak” on their places. By the way “nilupak” is a combination of pounded bananas, coconut meat, sugar and vanilla.

All of our parents were very supportive with our projects and programs in school. They even prepared snacks whenever we have rehearsals. It’s been twenty three years and it’s sad to know that Mylene’s dad passed away last Saturday, February 19, due to kidney problem and some complications. I know how hard it is to lose someone in the family. How I wish I was there to comfort Mylene.

To Mylene and the rest of her family, our deepest sympathy and condolences.

I know, the grief that follows is often very painful so Mylene, if you need someone to talk to about who your dad was or what was special about him, or if you just want to hang out with me, you know how to contact me.

Holiday Celebrations (Now and Then)

Yes, I am blaming the holiday season for my non-existence in all blog memes the past weeks.  Holiday celebrations are what kept us busy and was far more different from the holiday celebrations I grew up with. Of course the same practices but our celebration then was simpler. I remember the only dessert we had then was gelatin made from gulaman, the one we are using for “palamig”. My Mom used to melt it on a pan then added milk and sugar. That was it, our dessert for Noche Buena and Media Noche. Our place was surrounded with coconut trees but Mom seldom make “buko” salad because of its expensive ingredients. We also had fruits like grapes, oranges and apples but we can only have those on holiday seasons. For the ordinary days what we had were just bananas and other tropical fruits. As for the main dish, we always had spaghetti or pancit with white bread on the side on special occasions. That was our life in the province, very simple.

Now, we can eat whatever we want regardless of the occasion. That is the reason why I am gaining so much weight I think. (Yes its the food and not my lack of discipline…lol!) Below is the picture of our table last new years’ eve.

I was preparing the desserts as early as the 30th of December, leche flan and buko salad. The following day I cooked hamonado, bacon wrapped asparagus, breaded pork chop, shanghai, California Maki and chicken soup. I do not know why I had to cook so much food for the three of us but I was glad that I did because I did not cook for a week after New Year’s Eve…ehehe.

Life now may be more complicated but it has more to offer and I am enjoying every minute of it with Rhonnel and RJ.

Something to Pass On

I remember when I was still studying you can always see me on stage, dancing, every time there’s a program in school. That was from kinder to college. I have this passion for dancing. Oh how I miss swaying my hips, extending my extremities gracefully, turning, splitting and all those fancy costumes! This was taken during our dance competition in college. We represented the Medical Technology Department and got the second place. I am the one in white. Star dancer, daw?!
college days
This is my passion that I was able to pass on RJ.
 She also loves to read, which she got from both hubby and me.
And she has this passion for music which she got from Rhonnel.
Tomorrow is her first day on voice lessons and she is so excited.
We have no any “pamana” or material things to pass on to RJ except for my few pieces of not-so-precious jewelries and this house of course, as she is our only child, but we are glad that she got our love for reading, our talents, and good traits.