Preparing Your Home for a New Baby

If a new baby is on the way and you’ve begun decorating the nursery and clearing away clutter in the rest of your house, chances are you are working on enhancing your home in other ways as well. There are furniture pieces you can’t do without, such as purchasing a new crib unless this is your second child and implementing calming elements, like tropical fish tanks. All of these elements combined will not only enhance the appearance of your home, but will create a tranquil environment for when the new baby arrives.

Clear Clutter Away and Begin to Decorate 

If you haven’t already done so, if the nursery is currently being used as a place to store boxes or other elements, go ahead and start sorting and organizing. Next set up the nursery and implement new toys, diapers, books, and other supplies and clothing that your baby will need. As you clear away clutter you’ll have a darling room and other interiors that will be organized and ready in time for the baby to arrive.

How to Clean Your Furniture 

It’s not only important to incorporate new décor pieces and furniture to add to your comfort, but cleaning your furniture is also something else to consider. The reasoning behind this is because cleaning your furniture will eliminate any potential products that may have soaked into your sofas or other furniture. Clean your furniture with water or a dry duster instead of adding more scents or potentially dangerous products that a baby shouldn’t be around. Environmentally safe products and clean furniture will ensure that your baby doesn’t suffer from any allergies when he or she comes home from the hospital.

Calming Elements for a Tranquil Room 

What kind of calming elements would you like in your home when you will most likely be up late rocking the baby to sleep and feeding him or her too? A durable and soft rocking chair will be your best friend while you rock and feed your child and other elements such as a fish tank and indoor water fountain will create a calming atmosphere that will appeal to your sense of sight and sound. Sleep right along with the baby when calming décor pieces will create just what you need – a place of solace when a newborn baby is getting used to their new environment and you’re getting used to having a new baby in your home too.

Sierra is a freelance writer who enjoys writing on her blog Ocean Dreams. She looks forward to creating a comfortable home that’s perfect for a family.

My Very Painful Delivery

I want to share with you my experiences when I gave birth to RJ…my very painful delivery.

I had spotting and my cervix was 1 cm. dilated for four days before RJ was born. When I noticed the spotting on the 1st day, I immediately went to my OB-Gyne. I know I will be giving birth soon though I didn’t feel any contractions. My OB-Gyne said, I will be giving birth in a day or two because my cervix is only 1 cm. dilated so she can’t have me admitted yet. When I went back to her clinic on the 4th day, nothing changed. My cervix is still 1cm. dilated. She didn’t allow me to go home and had me admitted immediately for the fetal monitoring because I was a day overdue.

I was admitted to the hospital on July 22, my MIL’s birthday. My MIL was so excited because she was hoping that RJ would have the same birthday as her. The sad thing is my cervix dilation stopped at 4cm. The nurses administered an enema, broke my bag of water and induced me, hoping for my cervix to reach at least 8cm. If you are a Mom you know how hard it is to suffer from labor pains. Well, it is nothing compared to the pains of induced labor. That was the worst physical pain I had in my entire life. So after 25 long hours of super painful induced labor, my OB-GYN decided to conduct a caesarean section. “@#$%^&*!” That’s what I wanted to tell her. She should have done it earlier, don’t you think? I could hardly breath so I was hooked on an oxygen. I was drained, can’t move and talk that time. When they curled me for an epidural anesthesia, I didn’t feel any pain maybe because of what I went through. I even peed on my bed. So I told myself that would be my first and last pregnancy.

But still, I was thankful to the very accommodating staffs who took care of me while I was on the labor room. They gave me sponge bath, massage and brushed my teeth to somehow ease my discomfort. They also allowed hubby in the labor room (which is prohibited) for few minutes so we could exchange sweet nothings. He asked me what I wanted him to do though deep inside he knew he can’t do anything to ease my pain. His presence helped me to be strong and fight though.

Finally, on July 23 at exactly 12:35 p.m., RJ was delivered via C/S. She was very healthy at 3.35kgs. (7.37 lbs.) and 32 cms. long.


I cried when I first saw her and immediately counted her fingers and toes. I saw her red  lips and I heard her loud cry. It’s worth all the pain. All the pains were gone upon seeing her.

We  stayed in the hospital for three days because they were conducting new born screening and other tests on RJ.

Proud parents waiting for RJ to be roomed-in.

Rhonnel and I are lucky because my Mom and my MIL were there to assist us. I had no milk so they helped and taught me how to have breast milk and the proper way of breast feeding.

With the loving grandparents.

Well, that was almost 8 eight years ago. If I am to ask right now, I am very much willing to experience that pain again for a wonderful baby boy. Too sad that I can’t have another one baby.