Nag is in the Air

My husband is not a gossiper. He by nature is of the silent type and does not mind others’ business. That is why I was surprised one morning when he asked me if nagging is an expression of love. I wasn’t able to answer immediately then I said, “I can’t remember an instance wherein I nagged you.” He was smiling and said, “It’s not you, it’s our neighbor. Maybe nagging is indeed an expression of love because the wife nags the husband in the morning and afternoon snack and if he’s that lucky, even during his midnight snack. Maybe that’s how much she loves him”, hubby said teasingly.

I cannot blame my hubby because the wife nags about just anything from washing of dishes, to repair of vehicle, to laundry, to cooking, to waking up late, to throwing the garbage, to feeding the dog, and more. Mind you, she really has a loud voice and is heard by their neighbors thus, embarrassing the husband.

(courtesy of Google)

A nagger is defined as someone who annoys another by constant scolding, complaining, or arguing. You may not know it but you might turn out just like one. Be conscious on the way you talk to your partner or to any member of the household. It may be nothing to you but to them, you are already nagging and they hate it. Of course, who would love to hear non-stop sermon in a very irritating tone? Why not talk to them in a controlled way even though you are already red with anger? Why not remind them on their chores again and again but in a sweet tone so as not to irritate them? Who knows, they might obey you right off the bat.

Oh, by the way, hubby kissed me and said, “Thanks, Baby for not being a nagger”. Wink!