Movie Time

RJ just had her first periodical test last week. After a week of reviews and exams, I am now free to blog and blog hop again. So here is my late entry for Mommy Moments.
Rhonnel and I love watching movies which I think RJ has adapted. She loves watching movies too and she learned to search for her favorite movies in You Tube. Most of the time we just wait for the movie to be released on DVD or we just download it from Torrentz and watch it at home. But if it is a cartoon or any movie for kids, we watch it in the movie house.Below was taken when we watched Kung Fu Panda. Sorry for the very dark photo. Hubby didn’t want me to use flash. He said it may distract others who are watching but the truth is he is ashamed every time I am taking pictures in public places especially in restaurants. Well, I am a blogger so I need to take pictures of everything that I think might be of use in the future right? And I am glad that I took these. Now, I have pictures to share.

RJ is so excited.
Hubby kept on texting while RJ was so attentive.