Up For An Anticipated Movie Date

It’s been quite a while since the last time that the entire family went out for a movie date. Ever since the school year started, the rest day weekends were all spent at home doing home works and overtime tasks.

A lot of blockbuster movies were missed out and we were left with no choice but to wait for the official release of the DVD copy. However, now that the school break is here, there is no reason to cancel that much anticipated movie date.

movie poster frames

Seeing movies in the big screen is way much better than seeing it at home with your not-so-big Television and dusty coach. Although the ambiance is homey, the dark movie house environment is epic. We may have missed some of the world’s top movie hits, for sure more are coming and this time around we are more than ready to enjoy it that even posing to awesome movie posters that are placed inside gigantic movie poster frames is part of the plan.

Before going to the movie house, the mom in me already anticipated the growling-stomach needs. Sandwiches have been packed so that when pop corns are not available, hunger won’t spoil the experience. Of course the bottled water is already in place and cellular phones are all set to silent mode. This is one of the movie ethics that your kids need to see in you. No one would want to be distracted with that annoying message alert tone that you have while everyone’s excited of what’s going on.

Going to movie houses with the entire family is not a tiring thing to do; it’s just that it requires time concentration. However, to save time and energy, this activity can be done after having your usual weekly grocery tasks and weekend dinner get together. A typical family bonding that should not be omitted even after your kids are already grown ups. It may not be in the form of a movie date in the long run but at least a weekend bonding should be set as an unwinding activity after a week-long demanding work.