Typical School Day Routine For Mothers

For a single working adult, Mondays are considered to be the busiest days of the entire week but for a mom with a school age kid, all the school days are equally busy. It starts from sleeping late at night to prepare their school uniform and other school supplies up to waking up earlier than the rest of the household to prepare their breakfast.

Do not expect a peaceful and quite house at around six in the morning because this is the time wherein most moms are convincing their kids to wake up by frequent knocks to their rooms and even nagging all the way from the kitchen. They may sound annoying but their nags are more than effective compared to your noisy alarm clock.

There are also instances wherein they would be the one bathing their children up to dressing them up with their uniforms that sometimes end up pricking their fingers while placing their children’s school lapel pins.

Amazingly, the dining table is already set for a sumptuous breakfast while all of these things are happening. Moms are real genius when it comes to multitasking. Not to mention that the scenario is only applicable to those full time moms, how about those who are also working at the same time? Unbelievable!

Aside from taking care of all the needed things for school, moms have this awesome memory that would always remind you of things that you might have forgotten. The ability to do all these things requires hard work and a lot of patience.

Mother’s Intuition

RJ is amazed that I know her every move. I know what’s on her mind, I know when she’s lying or not, I know what she’s going to say or do, and when she goes outside I know where to find her as if I am wearing watch with GPS. It’s because of the innate impulse and natural gift of every Mom…Mother’s intuition.

mother's intuitionImage from the web

There was a time RJ asked me in a sarcastic tone, “What else can’t I hide from you, Mommy?” I know it could be irritating sometimes. She thinks that I am always snooping but I am not. But still I am grateful that I have this wonderful gift of Mother’s intuition.

If you are a new mother or about to become one,
has anyone told you that much parenting is a learned behavior,
not—as we have been led to believe—all instinct and motherwit.

~Sally Placksin~

Two Great Women

This is my MIL, Rosalina (sounds like my name). We call her Mama. A native of Marikina, a retired teacher and was a good cook. It is sad that she can’t cook anymore because she is diabetic and bed ridden for months now. How we miss her Everlasting and Pickles. I must admit, even how hard I tried to imitate her cooking of these two Marikina delicacies, the taste of mine can’t even get close to hers. I wonder what her secret is.

She’s not a showy person. You will never know if she likes what you do or not. In fact I don’t remember a dish I cooked that she praised even how delicious it was. She is also known as strict by her siblings, nieces and nephews. But despite all of these, I love her. We don’t see each other that often but when we do, we talk almost about everything. She loves telling stories and though most of them are “tsismis”, I patiently listen. I like it more that way, she does the talking and I do the listening because she’s a negative person. Most of the time she misinterprets what people around her are saying and I am afraid to be misinterpreted.

We are not that close but she is good to me that’s why I cried when Rhonnel told me that she is starting to show signs of senility. Poor Mama, she’s only 64 but can’t enjoy every minute with her grandchildren because of her condition.

This is my mother, Nilda, also my best friend, a daughter of Pasay City. We call her Nanay while her grandchildren call her Mommy Lola. She’s not a professional neither a good cook but for us, she is the best mother. Until now she is the one washing the clothes of my youngest brother who is now 25 years old because for her, he is still her baby. That is how caring she is.

She is the one who inspired me to be a full-time Mom. I want to give RJ all the love and care that our Mom gave us. I still remember the nights when we were sick, she sat up all night, while repeatedly saying, “It’s OK baby, Mommy’s here” and when I have sibling who kept on crying and did not stop, she was worried and walked around the house all night. She taught us how to tie shoelaces before we started school, read bedtime stories over and over again to make us fall asleep, sat down with us and explained all about the things around us, cooked our favorite foods, cut our hair and nails every week, make dozens of cookies for school teas, and make all our costumes for school programs.

Even now that we have our own families, she’s always there for us. She’s just a text away when we need her. When I was rushed to the hospital, she stayed with us for three days, did the laundry, cooked and took care of RJ. She’s helping us raising our children and always reminding us to be strong, brave and honest.

Mama and Nanay, though this tribute is not enough to show how much we thank both of you, you always deserve it. Thank you for always being there no matter what. May our Good Lord bless you with longer lives. HAPPY MOTHER’S DAY!

And to all my friends and Mommies in blogosphere, Happy Mother’s Day! Motherhood may be the most difficult but it is also the most fulfilling profession so cheers to us!