Dear Daddy

I would like to thank Mommy Chris for bringing up this week’s theme. If not for this, we won’t be aware how RJ feels about her dad working so hard. I asked her to write a letter for Daddy and so she wrote this…

Dear Papa,

I am very sorry because I have been a bad girl to you. Sorry because I am giving you hard work. I am guilty for what I have done to you. I thank God for giving me kind, loving, caring Daddy. I love you very much!!! Mwaaah…


Oh my, she thinks Daddy is working hard for her and she feels guilty about it. So as soon as I read her letter, I talked to her. I told her that sometimes she’s “makulit” but she is not bad. I explained to her that Daddy is working hard not for her alone but because he wants us to live decently. Then I hugged her and kissed her.

RJ is chatty but we did not know that she has this feeling inside. Again, thank you very much Mommy Chris! From now on, I will ask RJ to write letters for us more often. Sometimes our kids have something in mind that we do not know and helping them to express their feelings and listening to them can ease what they feel and erase those guilts.

Something to Pass On

I remember when I was still studying you can always see me on stage, dancing, every time there’s a program in school. That was from kinder to college. I have this passion for dancing. Oh how I miss swaying my hips, extending my extremities gracefully, turning, splitting and all those fancy costumes! This was taken during our dance competition in college. We represented the Medical Technology Department and got the second place. I am the one in white. Star dancer, daw?!
college days
This is my passion that I was able to pass on RJ.
 She also loves to read, which she got from both hubby and me.
And she has this passion for music which she got from Rhonnel.
Tomorrow is her first day on voice lessons and she is so excited.
We have no any “pamana” or material things to pass on to RJ except for my few pieces of not-so-precious jewelries and this house of course, as she is our only child, but we are glad that she got our love for reading, our talents, and good traits.

Park and Grocery

Park and grocery are two of RJ’s favorite places. We have no lawn and backyard so park is the only place where RJ can run, roll, jump and bike with no worries. Going to the park is one way of having fun while exploring the nature and she loves it very much.

Grocery day is her most awaited day. We do our grocery only once a month so RJ is excited to replenish her rectangular snack box. I love watching her as she gets her own little cart and shop for her favorite biscuits and drinks. She is even looking at the price tag and put back the item on the shelf if it is too expensive. Our girl is learning now. Doing our grocery with our kids can be a good bonding time and a good way for them to learn on a more practical approach outside school and home.

I was absent from Mommy Moments last week so again, this is a 2-in-1 post. Happy Mommy Moments and a great weekend to everyone!

Crazy Over Rides

RJ is crazy over any kind of rides. I remember RJ was still 3 years old when we celebrated our 5th wedding anniversary in Baguio. It was RJ’s first time to travel that long. We had no any problem the whole trip because she enjoyed the trip very much. When we reached the bus terminal in Baguio, she didn’t want to get off the bus. She was crying hard that Rhonnel had to carry her. That’s how crazy she is over rides.

Until now that she’s turning 8 years old, there are times she is bugging us for the rides in amusement centers or arcades.

Some parents think that taking their kids to arcades or amusement centers is not worthwhile. For them, it is better to play in the park or ride a bike. Playing in the arcade is totally different from playing in the park. I agree that parks and bike rides are better but I disagree that amusement centers are not worthwhile. In the amusement centers, there’s a whole bunch of exciting entertainment geared for our kids that somehow satisfy their curiosity and social needs.This is a good bonding time too because Dads and Moms can enjoy the rides as well. weeee!


RJ and Her Bags

RJ has quite few bags in different sizes. When she was younger, she loves bringing bag every time we go out. Inside are her bottled water, face towel, scoongee, fan, candies, etc.

Now that she’s a big girl, she’s too lazy to bring bigger bags. She want a purse that she can hang around her neck with just her money inside.

So to her godparents out there, if you want to give her something, she will surely appreciate a purse just like the ones above with $, ₤, € or peso inside…wink!