The Mommy Daddy

“I was Out, He’s In-charge”. This seldom happens to us because when I was 5 months on the family way, I resigned from my job and decided to be a full-time mom and wife. Since then I am in-charge of RJ and our house 24/7. Whenever I need to go out with my friends, it’s the only time for Rhonnel to be a full-time dad and in-charge on our house though it’s not usually for long hours and happens only 2 to 3 times a year. But there was this incident that I won’t forget.

I was still suffering from post-partum syndrome and somehow felt my social life was snatched from me. So when I got the chance to go out (it was because we had a misunderstanding and I wanted to be alone), my first time to be out again alone after eight months, I almost forgot that I have a 4 month old baby. I was out for long hours and it was already dark when I came back and the scenario was – RJ was sleeping on Rhonnel’s lap while he was sitting on a mattress placed on the floor. On the floor, on Rhonnel’s left, is RJ’s feeding bottle while on his right is a bottle of Ginebra San Miguel and a glass. It’s Rhonnel’s first time to drink gin. My tears fell down when I saw them. Rhonnel was red all over because of his allergy to alcohol and the design of RJ’s underwear was in front which was supposed to be on the back. What kind of mom am I? Just because of a petty misunderstanding I was able to leave my baby for long hours. Of course Rhonnel fed RJ, changed her clothes and took good care of her while he was hurting inside.
I knew the fault was all mine so right there and then I said sorry and we kissed and made up. From then on no more misunderstandings. We both realized that we must sit, talk and resolve things before it leads us to anything else.