My Tabachingching Model

When I was still young, I used to spend nights dreaming to be a model. I even joined our school’s contest for “Ms. Posture Search”. I won as second runner up and was happy to take home a trophy and sash.

Last Sunday, I was folding our clothes when RJ took one of the cloth diapers that I was folding. She used it as shawl then got a shoulder bag and walked like a model. Like Mother like daughter. Lol! RJ then asked me to take some pictures of her while she’s modeling. I immediately complied as I am a stage mother who is also a huge fan. Presenting my Tabachingching model…

Model in Red
Role Playing
Pretty Model

I just hope RJ will get her Dad’s height and not mine. Kids naturally love role playing. Let’s just play with them and help them understand the adult’s perspective.