Man in Lingerie Department

I have gained so much weight and I feel that my bras are getting tighter each day.  There are times that I find it hard to breathe because of the bra’s pressure. So the other day I went to the mall and shopped for new bras. I was looking for my size when I saw a neighbor’s husband holding a lingerie. He was scrutinizing it as if measuring it with his eyes. When he turned to his left (still holding the lingerie) he met my eyes and he blushed. Awkward! So to break the discomfiture, I smiled. He smiled back and said, “I am shopping for a gift for my wife” (his face still red). He was so defensive as if he wanted to say he is not a cross-dresser. Well, I don’t think he is. In fact I find it romantic and sweet.

I don’t understand why most men find it amazingly uncomfortable to wander in the women’s lingerie department because I can wander  through the boxers without blushing. For me it’s not a big deal. Women like to receive such presents so men sometimes have no other choice but to go by themselves to that women’s department. There is no reason to be embarrassed for having made such an intrusion into the women’s world. Our world now is far different from those of our  grandparents’. The technology is advancing…the world is constantly changing. In order to keep up, we must be open to new ways of looking at things.