I Like This, He Likes That

Rhonnel and I are lucky that we are compatible in many things. We do not just have the same values and beliefs but we almost have the same interests, likes and dislikes. These are the reasons why there is very good understanding and chemistry between us.

We are both homebody and we both love movies. We spend our weekends most of the time by just watching movies at home. No one is complaining because we both like it.

Even in movies, we like the same genres, action and comedy. I like romance sometimes (depends on the storyline and cast) but he does not like it.

We both hate window shopping. We would rather stay home when we do not have money for shopping. We only go to the mall when we have something to buy, if we want to eat something or when RJ wants to play in the arcade.

He loves to eat and I love to cook. We both love exploring food. We both like salads (any kind), lechon kawali, sisig, foods cooked in coconut milk. In other words we have compatible taste buds too except for the fish. He likes tilapia while I do not like it. I love “tulingan” or “tambakol” (mackerels) cooked in coconut milk but he hates it. He finds it so slimy and fishy. Is there any fish that is not fishy? Hmmmp.

We both like to read, only he has time to do it and I don’t. He likes World War II books and I like detective stories and romance sometimes (depends on the author).

We both like songs of Nina, Barry Manilow, Bee Gees, The Coors. He likes Freestyle and Neocolors. I like Side A (ay, nahahalata edad namin!)We like helping others but dislike people who are taking advantage of our kindness or befriending us for benefits.
He likes beer…I like beer.
He hates gossips…I hate gossips.
He loves basketball…I am not into any sports.
I love to draw and sketch…He just like to draw stick people…nyahaha!
Each partner would have different interests and hobbies. This is just normal. What important is your ability to relate to the person you are with. Well, you don’t need to do what he does or vice versa. Just respect each others’ interests and beliefs and I am sure, you will be together forever.