Because I Love Them Very Much

Just a few years more and we will be done paying Rhonnel’s life insurance. After that, it is time to get mine. I always wanted to get one but the problem is I will be undergoing physical examinations and because I underwent operations twice and is currently on medications due of asthma, I will be paying a higher premium for sure or worst, they might not approve my application. So I am thinking to buy life insurance online. With this, I will be able to complete the whole process without any physical examinations like, blood tests, urine exams, etc. And because I do not need to fill out long medical questionnaires, there will be no way for them to know my medical history. Another good thing is I will be able to do the purchasing at the comfort of my home through my computer. What a convenience!
Of course I will need to give some of my personal information which will be needed on the processing of my application and with all those spams across the web it would be very important to look for a known and trusted company. I will look for the security seal on the company’s website as well. This seal indicates the data transmissions are encrypted so my information will not fall on the wrong hands.
This life insurance is not for me actually but for these two wonderful persons who will be left behind if something bad happens to me. I will get life insurance because I love them very much.


Getting a Life Insurance

Hubby is a very organized man and thinks of the future so much. He got an insurance policy when he was still single and immediately changed his beneficiary after we got married then added RJ  to his beneficiary later on. Hubby’s insurance is a 20 year plan. Eight more years to go and we will be done with it. It is a pension and life insurance though I want to think about it as a pension rather than life insurance. I want him to enjoy it while he is still in good health.

Getting life insurance sounds morbid to others. When they hear life insurance they think about death. The truth is, there are more good reasons for getting a life insurance policy. That is why I am planning of getting one for me.  I don’t want to have regrets in the future when I get ill and realize why I didn’t purchase one. I want my family to be financially protected. I think hubby has the same reasons why he purchased life insurance at an early age. He wants to make sure that we will be provided for financially such as the daily expenses and RJ’s education when something happens to him.

We don’t want to think about morbid things like accidents and death of course but these days when everybody is facing financial difficulties, it is not bad to be practical.