Five Benefits of Having an Open Kitchen

In recent years, many of us have undergone the change from closed kitchen to open. We’ve torn down the walls and exposed what were once the closed off areas of our homes. For some people, this has worked wonders. But others are still hesitant about the case for open kitchens. Here are five benefits to having an open kitchen to get you thinking.

open kitchen
Sometimes when you’re cooking a meal you’re also keeping your eye on the kids. With an open kitchen, this is much easier.

It’s Social:

Having an open kitchen allows direct access to the dining room. In most cases, you can see the dining table from the kitchen bench. This means that when friends and family come for dinner, you can continue to entertain them if you’re still whipping up a meal. With a closed kitchen this wouldn’t be possible. Guests would have to sit by themselves while you continued to cook in the kitchen by yourself. An open kitchen is definitely the more sociable option.

It’s Easier With Kids:

Sometimes when you’re cooking a meal you’re also keeping your eye on the kids. With an open kitchen, this is much easier. They can be sitting in the lounge room or at the dining table – depending on the layout of your house – and you can still watch them. With a closed kitchen, however, they would need to be in the kitchen with you. And let’s face it, that would make the cooking process a whole lot less productive.

It Feels Nicer:

Nobody likes been stuck in a tight, claustrophobic kitchen. In general, open spaces feel so much nicer. Especially when cooking. It’s important that the atmosphere feels relaxed. There’s nothing worse than that feeling of stress while you’re trying to cook for family or friends: the benches are cluttered, and there’s not enough space. Whether an open kitchen provides more space or not, it will feel as though it does.

It Adds Character:

An open kitchen can be more than just a place for cooking. If you’re one of those snazzy kitchen types, it can work as an element of design, adding character to your house. A kitchen doesn’t have to be completely practical – it can be stylistic as well. Think about the statement that you want your kitchen to say about you. Through an open layout, it is there for all to see. See Coral Homes.

It’s Welcoming:

Having an open kitchen will undoubtedly help guests feel more welcome in your home. The openness of the space allows everybody to feel involved, and nobody is shut away or excluded. By having an open kitchen, guests can mingle in the area, having a glass of wine or helping with the cooking, without the walls to bar the kitchen from view. All in all, it feels friendlier and more welcoming.

Before deciding on your kitchen, make sure to think about the kind of personality you have and how that will affect the type of kitchen that is best for you. Think about social gatherings, cooking habits and whether or not you have or are planning on having kids. For more information on home design, or to join the open kitchen discussion, visit Coral Homes on True Local.

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Cutting-edge ‘Smart’ Appliances for the Home


If you’re looking for a new kitchen appliance because your old one broke down, the chances are that you’ll want to buy something that’s more advanced, does the job better and with greater build quality. A brand new Tumble Dryer bought at might seem expensive, but it will help to make everything easier, especially if you want your clothes dried quickly and thoroughly with no problems. Many modern tumble dryers lay claim to being both smart and energy efficient, but future models may be even better for a variety of reasons.

One such reason is the use of wireless electricity. Despite the advances made in making smart appliances, they all come equipped with electrical leads so that they can be plugged in. While this is the norm, and in the vast majority of cases, they’re safe and reliable, they can be tripped over, and the wires can become frayed and prone to breaking. Once wireless electricity is perfected, every kitchen appliance you can name is likely to run using it.

Wireless electricity, as well as being a little bit safer than the current way of powering up kitchen appliances, can also make installation and moving them easier, while it can also save space, meaning you’re less likely to trip yourself up in a cramped kitchen space. If it ever becomes reality, it will change the face of kitchens throughout the world for years to come. While it will be one of the most important innovations in making cutting-edge kitchen appliances, there are other developments currently in the pipeline.

Wireless technology could also be used to help tell you if you’re running low on food. By using your smartphone or, if you own one, a tablet PC such as an iPad, you can connect to your fridge freezer and find out whether you’re running low on milk, meat, cheese, fruit or vegetables. On top of that, you could write a shopping list on your phone/tablet and it can also be done on fridge freezers that could come equipped with a touch screen as standard. Electronic ink, which will be used for packaging, will communicate with smartphones informing users where in the shop it’s located.

The aforementioned technology might not be in use yet, but it’s only a matter of time before energy efficient appliances are also capable of doing so much more than keeping food fresh, cleaning clothes or washing the dishes. If you’re stuck with basic kitchen appliances that don’t do the job in hand effectively enough for your liking, and want something new, cutting-edge smart appliances can make your kitchen look brand new, and will be able to do so much more than your old ones. However, if you’re prepared to wait a few years, you might end up being able to buy wireless appliances.

My Little Kitchen Helper

RJ loves helping me most especially in the kitchen. I guess she also has this passion for cooking like me. She loves watching me while I am peeling, garnishing, tossing, etc. She also loves doing small things for me just like in the picture below.

little kitchen helper

She asked me if she can do the pasta. It’s an easy peasy task so I let her. There was a time I let her break the eggs but she made such a mess so from then on I only give her easier tasks. I usually pre-measure everything and let her do the mixing and the stirring. I am glad that she can follow instructions. It is fun working with her.

How about you, do you let your child help you in the kitchen?


Importance of a Well-Equipped Kitchen

Any workman can do a better job if he has the correct tools. This holds true for the housewives in the house as well. Our tasks could be easier with a well equipped house especially in the kitchen. A well equipped kitchen has always been essential for anyone who is keen on cooking like me. By having a well-equipped kitchen, you can save time in preparing meals daily.

I love to cook so kitchen is my favorite part of the house. Our house is not that big but I can say that I have complete tools in my kitchen from pans, measuring paraphernalia, kitchen aids like knives and peelers to dinnerware sets. A beautiful, though not necessarily too expensive, kitchen can give its users a sense of relief from daily chores.

Choosing your dinnerware is important too. The food needs to look appealing but how it is presented can greatly affect the way the dish looks. Before we were just using standard plates, the round ones, but now we can use curved, square, rectangle, oval and shallow bowls in serving the dishes. Of course, don’t forget to partner it with Pfaltzgraff silver flatware. Pfaltzgraff has prestigious brands of tableware, some designed for those special occasions while others are more suitable for everyday use.

To complete the package, you must have cookbooks for your daily food recipes. You should understand the importance of having a well-organized collection of cookbooks. This means you don’t have to hunt for the recipe for your carbonara or the instructions on how to bake a carrot cake.

One should never underestimate the value of having a beautiful and functional kitchen in the home. Kitchen is the center of the household and it is the place where we prepare our food so it must be given due importance.