Kiss and Make Up

I think I have already posted about my petty quarrel with hubby but not in details. Would you believe that we had this petty quarrel just once in our 11 years of being together? It is because we never stopped communicating and letting each other know what in our minds and how we feel on certain things.

I remember, that quarrel happened a few weeks after we moved to our house. I was so hot-tempered because I was tired from office works and when I got home what welcomed me was a messy place. I had no choice but to clean everything. What pissed me off was, hubby was in the house the whole day because it was his rest day but instead of helping me by de-cluttering, he was just watching his favorite show on TV. Grrrrr! Yes it was his day off. He worked from Monday to Friday so he deserves some rest to recuperate. But how about me, am I not working as well? Am I not getting tired? But instead of telling him how I feel, I was just stomping my feet and making indirect remarks while cleaning the house. He asked me why but I answered nothing yet I continued to stomp my feet. He got annoyed so he left the house without saying anything. I thought I would sleep alone for the first time after we got married but he came back in just a few minutes. He asked if we can talk and so we did. I told him what I feel and vice versa. We embraced, kissed and made up and promised to talk things over before it could lead us to something else. That was our first and last quarrel.

Quarrel helps in keeping the excitement throughout the relationship. That is if you will get back together. Be it a big fight or petty quarrel, getting back together is always a wonderful thing. When you do make up, the kisses, hugs and cuddles are sweeter.

The Unforgettable Not So Romantic Kiss

I got a little confused with the Couple’s corner theme this week “Our First Kiss Ever”. Does it mean our very first kiss or our first kiss with our partners for life? If it is our very first kiss then definitely it is not with hubby. I got my first boyfriend when I was 15 years old and met Rhonnel when I was twenty five. But my very first kiss was all in the past and since this is couple’s corner I assume this is about our first kiss with our husbands.

As they say, every first kiss is memorable and so is my first kiss with Rhonnel. It happened in their house, in their living room to be exact. What made it more memorable aside from its soothing sweetness was we were nearly caught kissing by their helper. She just came out of nowhere, passed by us then went inside her room. So that very sweet moment had to stop because I got froze and cannot move and even if Rhonnel kept on assuring me that their helper will not go out anymore, my heart just kept on beating fast that I thought I would have a heart attack that very moment.

I know kissing is not a big crime. A long intense kissing in public maybe acceptable in other parts of the world but not in our culture and I am not comfortable doing it in front of others.

So that’s our first kiss. Not as romantic as I wanted it to be but it was indeed unforgettable.

“The sound of a kiss is not so loud as that of a cannon,
but its echo lasts a great deal longer.”
~Oliver Wendell Holmes~