Kids and Electronic Toys

Toys give our kids enjoyment that no other things could give. It is children’s nature to be playful that is why they are always looking out for action and toys are what pacify them and give them sheer sense of pleasure most of the time. Today, kids are very lucky. With the rapid advancement of technology, there’s also a rise in the variety of toys more so in battery operated or electronic toys. Most electronic toys give your kids interactive learning games that help them enrich their vocabulary or develop their skills in Mathematics.

One example of good electronic toy is RJ’s “Learn with Me letter Book”. It’s a spelling tablet that recognizes what you spell. Just touch the letter keys to learn and practice spelling. The spelled words appear on the screen. It will prompt you if you misspelled the words and would say “great” or “that’s right” if you spelled the words correctly. I bought its rechargeable batteries online when the original batteries worn out. Until now it is working and still as good as new. It’s a great educational toy for your toddlers and preschoolers.

However, playing with electronic toys for a long time is not good for your child as these might take over your child’s time for other activities. Do not forget that playing outside is still essential to your child’s development and health. They need to inhale fresh air and feel the sunshine. Not to mention the joy they can get while exploring the natural world. So as parent, control the amount your child spends in playing electronic games.

Simple Ways to Nurture Your Child’s Creativity

Children have inane talents and creativity that when encouraged by parents, can lead to great achievements. It is a wonderful gift from God that should be nurtured and put in practice, but the question now is, how as parents can you help your child explore their creative talents? Here are a few suggestions that may help you and your child’s creativity take flight.
nurturing child's creativity

Let them Explore

According to the country’s renowned neurologist, Dr. Cuanang of St. Luke’s Medical Center, “creativity is the highest form of expression of what the mind can be capable of.” He advises parents to allow their kids to gravitate towards what they are most interested in. Do not block the child, rather watch for the things that they like and don’t like as they grow up.

Expose Kids to Creative Sensibilities

Parents should be very strict when it comes to children trying to express their imagination. Books are very significant in opening up child’s creativity and it exposes him/her to many things. Special occasions such as birthdays and Christmas should also be encourage to put up shows, sing or dance to entertain the adults. During summer breaks, you can also enroll them in basic photography workshop or art classes, voice or guitar lessons, dance and acting classes, the opportunities out there is boundless!

Be Their Role Model

One of the best ways to help nurture child’s creativity is to set an example to them. If they see you and people around him being musical, artsy and creative, he will remember the things that you usually do and will follow your lead. Seeing you or any of your family members practicing vocal harmony, cousins being in a dance troupe or moms being creative in the kitchens will lead a kid’s interest towards the same.

Broaden their Mind and Body

The mind can imagine the wildest things, exercise your child’s mind potential by reading, telling stories, going out, travelling and even dreaming! The body has lots of ways to move, to express and communicate. Teach your child to express with their eyes and communicate with their voices and their body language. Give Positive Reinforcements

This doesn’t need to be material things, but giving kids constant pat of the back and sincere praises for their creativity does wonders for validating their efforts and nurturing their creative talents.

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Internet Safety Tips For Kids

Kids these days are well versed with the internet. At an early age, they already have their own social networking accounts and they can easily operate the latest gadgets. This is inevitable as their generation happens to be living with this kind of technology. However, it doesn’t mean that they no longer need our guidance.

internet safety

As parents, we should also be aware of what’s happening in the internet so that when our kids ask something about it, we can relate to them immediately. If your kids sensed that you have absolutely no idea of what they’re talking about, they will end up discovering the answer themselves and might get inappropriate answers.

If you have rules inside your house, you should also start having your rules when they surf the internet and start it by placing your computer in the family room or in place wherein most of you stay. If they’re into social networking, be one of their friends or connections and keep them reminded that they shouldn’t be sending personal information to a connection that they don’t know personally.

Let yourself become an example to your children. They should know what are your interests online because they would most ikely mimic what you’re doing.

The internet can either be helpful or harmful to your children as it contains various kinds of information. As parents, you should see to it that they won’t have access to those restricted sites and set a time limit so that they won’t get addicted to it. If they want to play games online then set a time for it and be firm with your curfew.

The internet can also be accessed in their phones and other gadgets so might as well include it in your reminder. Your children should be guided accordingly and you should have time to do it for them.

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Proper Ways of Developing Your Kids Study Habits

Who wouldn’t want to see their kids seriously studying right? It has been every parent’s dream to see their children being serious in school. However, everyone knows that studying is quite tiring and only few people are willing to sacrifice their sleep and time for it. During your school days, you’ve been wishing for the week to end and almost cursing the arrival of Mondays.

Nevertheless, you continued studying until such time that you graduated. You were able to develop study habits and now that you already have kids, you would want them to do the same. As parents, it is our responsibility to teach them how to do it. Our guidance is of great influence and there is no other great motivation for students to study but to make their parents proud.

Developing Your Kids Study habits

As early as kindergarten, set a certain time for your children to study and do their homework. As much as possible, be firm to your rules. Giving rewards is also effective as prizes are great motivators. Do not just let your children study on their own. In as much as you want to promote independence, your kids need guidance. Knowing that you have your parents to help you out is one of the reasons to study hard.

In helping them out in their homework, just make sure you aren’t spoon-feeding the answers. Let them solve the problems first before they turn to your help. In short, just guide them and do not do the homework for them, how will they learn if that’s the case.

Teach them to make a study calendar and let them schedule their long term assignments. These will teach them not to cram when the deadline approaches. Lastly, cheer them up whenever they would encounter difficult lessons and remind them that they can do it.

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Kids and the Mobile Technology Takeover

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