How to Shop for Little Monsters

Shopping for kids’ clothing is very different from adults’ clothing, although each situation has its own complications. As an adult the most important things are that it costs a reasonable price, looks good on you, and is practical. Although some of these worries are eliminated when it comes to shopping for children, there are additional worries to keep in mind – for example, the fact that your little one may sprout several inches in one summer! To make things easier for parents of out there, here are some tips when it comes to shopping for your little monsters.

shopping for kids

Firstly – take advantage of sales. Although your child might not need a new pair of trousers just yet, it never hurts to get them in advance. Kids grow out of clothes so quickly that you might as well do this to save a couple of bucks – and sometimes even more, seeing as some sales are at a whopping 50-70% off the original price. Similarly it may also be a wise decision to buy clothes that are a little larger for your child, so that they can still wear them for a few months despite growing at an astonishing rate. 

Secondly – buy clothes online. Getting kids’ clothes second-hand from a places like eBay or TradeMe is a great way to save some cash but still buy good quality clothes for your child. Considering the fact that a lot of children receive clothes as presents (which they then quickly grow out of), it can be assured that these offers will never dry out.  The websites of catalogues are also a good choice for parents who enjoy shopping online but prefer brand new items. Not only can you find a lot of bargains, it is also a stress-free way to shop without dragging your kids around the store. On clicking ‘buy’, the parcel is simply shipped to your door like magic.

Last but not least – encourage your kids, when they are old enough, to help you choose their clothes. They’re more likely to keep wearing something if they like it, and it’s good for them to practice developing their likes and dislikes at a young age. If nothing else, at least both of you will have a blast shopping for kids clothes together!   

Nikki Suen is a blogger whose interests include  online fashion, badminton, and baking.

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