Spark Your Kid’s Passion for Reading with eReaders

e readerPoor RJ. She needs to carry two bags everyday in school…one for her 10 notebooks and other school supplies while the other one is for her 12 big books not to mention the packed lunch, water and milk that she has to bring.  Can you imagine how heavy are those for a 12 year old? I just hope their school would allow e readers next school year.

There are schools now that use e readers instead of the ordinary books because of its many benefits and advantages. The kids can compile the contents of all their books in just one handy e reader that can be carried and read everywhere with ease.  Kids can also easily search for information instead of turning page after page which will save them time to do other projects and assignments.  You can also upload alternative learning tools that are useful to your kids. These are just few of the many advantages of e reader.

I know most of you still want to smell and feel the paper and hear the turning of each page. But let’s face it, many children nowadays spend most of their time infront of the computer.  For them, it is more exciting to use electronic gadgets than read books so why not spark or develop their passion for reading again by integrating it with technology?

Would I allow my daughter to have an e reader? Obviously my answer is yes. RJ loves reading so much and she is excited to have an e reader.

Image Credit:
Naypong – FreeDigitalPhotos.Net