Six Ways to Save Money on your Child’s Clothing

child's clothing Growth spurts, back-to-school season, and special occasions can mean that it seems like you’re constantly in need of new clothing for your children. Even with sales and hand-me-downs, the cost can really add up over time, particularly if you have more than one child! Get creative and make sure your kid is always well-dressed without spending a fortune, by following these handy tips.

1. Plan ahead for big sales.

If you want to get the best deals on seasonal clothing, you’ll have to purchase these items at the end of the season. Stores start to close out on cardigans and jackets when the weather starts to warm up, or put bathing suits and sundresses on clearance when the first signs of winter are approaching. However, you usually have a month or two of great deals before you really need to switch seasonal wardrobes so this is a good time to make a purchase. Another option is to buy new clothing a year in advance, with clothes to grow into. In any case, always look at the clearance rack first for seasonal savings.

2. Arrange a clothing swap with friends.

Are you friends with other moms? Most of them are probably in the same boat and can use some new clothing as well! Why not try to arrange a clothing swap with outgrown children’s clothing? If every friend brings about 10 items in good condition, you’ll end up with a whole new wardrobe without spending a penny and have good fun at the same time.

3. Buy your clothes gently used.

It can be intimidating to wander into a charity shop, but you can find some really great deals on kid’s clothing. Because children grow so quickly, many of their items are often worn only a few times before they are tossed aside. Charity shops, consignment stores, and online auction sites are all good places to start your search. Be sure to wash garments thoroughly on a high heat setting.

4. Sell old clothing online to fund a new wardrobe.

Are you looking for spare cash to fund that back-to-school shopping spree? Think about converting your child’s old clothing into cash! You could opt to hold a garage sale, but you’ll probably make more money by selling clothing online. EBay is always a popular option, but localized sites like Quicksales don’t have any seller fees so you can keep all of the profits.

5. Collect online coupon codes.

Have you made any online purchases in the past? Chances are that your email inbox is filled up with promotional codes and coupons, in that case. They may even be sent to you via text message. Rather than automatically sending them to the spam folder, hold onto these discount codes if you’re planning a big shop.

6. Choose pieces to mix and match.

You’ll get more mileage out of your kids clothing by choosing a simple colour palette and buying separates that can be mixed and matched. Light layers can be worn in the summer and winter alike, so you won’t have to purchase all-new clothing for each season.

By taking the time to plan your child’s wardrobe and looking for discounts along the way, you can stretch your budget and get more for your money!

How to Shop for Little Monsters

Shopping for kids’ clothing is very different from adults’ clothing, although each situation has its own complications. As an adult the most important things are that it costs a reasonable price, looks good on you, and is practical. Although some of these worries are eliminated when it comes to shopping for children, there are additional worries to keep in mind – for example, the fact that your little one may sprout several inches in one summer! To make things easier for parents of out there, here are some tips when it comes to shopping for your little monsters.

shopping for kids

Firstly – take advantage of sales. Although your child might not need a new pair of trousers just yet, it never hurts to get them in advance. Kids grow out of clothes so quickly that you might as well do this to save a couple of bucks – and sometimes even more, seeing as some sales are at a whopping 50-70% off the original price. Similarly it may also be a wise decision to buy clothes that are a little larger for your child, so that they can still wear them for a few months despite growing at an astonishing rate. 

Secondly – buy clothes online. Getting kids’ clothes second-hand from a places like eBay or TradeMe is a great way to save some cash but still buy good quality clothes for your child. Considering the fact that a lot of children receive clothes as presents (which they then quickly grow out of), it can be assured that these offers will never dry out.  The websites of catalogues are also a good choice for parents who enjoy shopping online but prefer brand new items. Not only can you find a lot of bargains, it is also a stress-free way to shop without dragging your kids around the store. On clicking ‘buy’, the parcel is simply shipped to your door like magic.

Last but not least – encourage your kids, when they are old enough, to help you choose their clothes. They’re more likely to keep wearing something if they like it, and it’s good for them to practice developing their likes and dislikes at a young age. If nothing else, at least both of you will have a blast shopping for kids clothes together!   

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Buying Fall Clothes for Kids

As temperatures cool and the holidays approach, it is time to think about warmer kids’ clothing that is also fun and fashionable. No matter what your budget is, you should be able to find clothes that look great on the little ones and keep them safe and warm. Here are a few tips for what to buy and places you should go to shop.

Fall Clothes for Kids


Almost all kids love to wear costumes and not just on Halloween. Some kids’ costumes double as wardrobe additions. Examples of this include super hero T-shirts, unique onesies for infants, such as bumblebee, animal print and super hero onesies, and even super hero capes. You will find these at many stores, including many that also sell Adult Halloween Costumes. Check out these places, including online stores, for great deals right after Halloween.

Formal Clothing

The Holidays mean photo opportunities for many families. This is the time to consider purchasing holiday dresses and suits for the little ones. The standard boys’ grey suit with a tie is a good classic look. This season, the debonair look is strong for men – add some nice suspenders to your little boy’s formal outfit to give him this debonair touch.

Little girls’ dresses are easy to find. Trendy colors for this fall include burgundy, maroon, green, light pink and cobalt blue.

Shop online first to find the best deals. Have your kids’ clothing size handy. For further savings, check out local discount and second hand stores. You can often find new or like-new clothing at very reasonable prices.


Kids’ outerwear is especially fun this season. You can keep his or her head warm with an animal hat – chances are that if your child is school aged, he or she has already approached you with a favorite hat in mind. These hats are available in many stores online and offline and they come in several styles, colors and materials. Choose from pandas, cats, tigers, penguins, sock monkeys, cartoon figures and many more. Some hats have a scarf included. If not, choose a warm scarf that matches the color scheme of the hat.

Visit outlet stores for kids’ winter coats and boots. A waterproof coat with thermal lining is best for day-to-day use – choose one that matches the child’s hat and gloves. Occasions that are more formal may call for a nice woolen pea coat in black or tan.

Colorful rain boots are still very trendy for girls right now. You can find them in several colors and designs. Choose a solid color for more versatility if you believe your child will wear the boots often.

Casual Wear

Kids wear casual clothes more than any other outfits; with this in mind, make sure clothing is made to handle a lot of activity. Check clothing seams and zippers for quality before buying, when you can.

Denim jeans and corduroys are a casual clothing staple for cooler weather. Do not resign the list to plain blue jeans and pants, however. Denim with patterns and embellishment is still trending now for girls. Whatever you find, make it fun for them to wear, as well as warm and practical.


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