Kids Must-haves for the Beach

Now that it is summer, beach season officially begun. It is the kids most awaited moment. They can now  dip in the water the whole day, play in the wave pool and water parks. For me, nothing beats the beach. There are no diving boards and big slide but the kids can breathe the fresh salty air which is good for their lungs, collect different coloful shells  and can make sand castles. But before your kids could plunge on the beach and enjoy everything in it, they must be properly geared. So what are the kids must-haves for the beach aside from their swimsuits?

  1. Sunblock – obviously, this is to protect your child from the harmful UV rays.
  2. Aqua shoes – to protect your child’s feet from the hot sand and sharp shells/stones.
  3. Beach hat/cap – this will keep the sun off their heads and faces while they are playing on the sand.
  4. Floaters – must-haves for small kids and big ones that don’t know how to swim.
  5. Sand toys – it’s a great way for your kids to engage in the sand while expressing their creativity.
  6. Beach wrap – for your kids warmth and comfort after each plunge.

There you go! Your kids can now have a fun beach day play!

Kicks Aqua Shoes

Before we go to Puerto Galera, I looked for aqua shoes for RJ. I searched the net and landed on top brands that are little pricey until I saw a post about the affordable aqua shoes that can be bought in SM. So hubby and I went to SM and surprisingly saw a brand that is so much affordable.

Kicks Aqua Shoes  Php199 ($4.75).

It’s soft and comfortable. It’s affordable yet looks sturdy. Available in red, blue and black.