Gift Ideas to Reward Graduates With

Oh, how time flies! It seems like it was only yesterday when you were holding your child’s hand and walking him to his classroom on his first day in kindergarten. Now, he’s walking to the stage on his own, proudly receiving his diploma. Graduations are certainly milestones for both parents and graduates. These are the biggest achievements in your children’s early lives.

Although the diplomas they get should be reward enough for all their hard work, you still want to give these graduates a special gift as a congratulatory token. Parents, relatives, and friends often save up for something big as their graduation gift. The gift ideas depend on several things including the budget of the gift giver and the needs and preferences of the graduate among others.

Gift ideas for teens graduating from elementary school would, of course, differ from those for students in their mid-20s who are graduating from college. The following list will give you some common gift ideas for college graduates who are getting ready to spread their wings out in the real world:

briefcaseBriefcase or Business Clutch – a good leather bag or clutch will give the graduate the professional look he needs when he goes job hunting or starts working with the “big guys” in the city’s biggest corporation. Depending on your budget, you can scale it down to a leather writing folio with matching engraved pen or a leather business card holder. Nothing is stopping you from getting the entire set for your graduate if budget is not an issue.

wall clockHome Décor – many graduates do not go back to their parents’ home after they get out of college. You can choose to gift your graduate a piece of furniture or decorative pieces from LazadaPH. Alternatively, you can give him gift certificates to the local furniture shop or home decorating online store so he can shop for the household items he needs.

– many families pass on heirlooms to their children when they graduate from college. If you do not have family heirlooms, you can go out and get a strand of pearls with matching earrings for young ladies or a sophisticated dress watch for young gents. Choose pieces that will look great in the office or at any business gathering.

The perfect graduation gift comes from knowing the graduate really well. The most practical tip to keep in mind when choosing a graduation gift is to find out what the graduate really wants or could use as he starts his own career. If you are still stumped for gift ideas, there’s always the go-to gift that is guaranteed to be appreciated: cash.


Educational Trip to the Bridal Parlour

My friend asked me to accompany her to the bridal parlour yesterday to shop for the things that she need for her upcoming wedding. She was trying out some wedding dress when I was flipping a fashion magazines in the waiting room. I saw some alternative engagement ring ideas in an advice column in the magazine. It’s interesting to note that we can actually buy synthetic diamonds and turn them into jewelry. I never knew that such things even exists. The trip to the bridal parlour is certainly an educational one for me.