Kudos to all the Women of the World

March is National Women’s Month in the Philippines and March 8 is International Women’s Day. In this regard, I want to give tribute to all the women of the world.

Women nowadays are not just homemakers. With every generation, the women have faced, conquered, and overcome the challenges of their life to succeed in new and important ways. They are now recognized, respected and supported politically, socially and individually.

There are now women who are nations’ leaders, officers in military, known doctors, great artists and poets, engineers, architects, chemists, inventors, plumbers, technicians, welders, electricians, women from all stages and walks of life that are doing their share in building a better nation. I can say that men and women are now equal.

Society has gone a long way in eliminating racism and empowering women this is because of those women who fought for their civil rights and stood on what they believe in. I salute all those great women who are not afraid to speak their minds and who are bringing strength to other women. Kudos!