I Need a Break!

Sadly, we were just a three-man team during my Mom-in-law’s wake. We don’t have the luxury of a maid or someone else to do things for us so we had no choice but to arrange everything for the wake and the funeral by ourselves. Until now, I can feel the exhaustion. It was the most stressful experience we had both physically and emotionally. Now that my Mom-in-law was laid to rest, I want to relax by giving myself a much needed break. However, it is impossible for me to go out and take a guilt-free break because of my pending tasks, pile of laundry and RJ’s pre-quarter test. So for now, I will just buy hydrating mask, foot soak, moisturizers, etc., using my forever 21 coupons and give myself a spa day at home. These simple pleasures are proven tension-tamer and stress-reliever…a much needed pampering to condition myself to be able to function well. For what? Well, just imagine the chores that I need to do every single day…I get meals on the table and pack lunches everyday, I clean the house, cater to RJ’s needs, make sure hubby is comfortable at home, tutor RJ, do the accounting and logistics and a hundred of other things. Hey, I am not complaining. I know it is my job but I am not a robot. I am a person too who works, gets tired and stressed. Every working people needs break. Besides, I deserve it, don’t you think?