Bye Bye to Burglary

We cannot go on out of town vacations without asking my father or father-in-law to look after our house while we are away. Our doors are secured with double locks and we have big padlock for the gate but we cannot leave the house as is with all those burglary and crimes in the news. We are living on a peaceful neighborhood but we do not want to be so sure that is why my husband wants to improve our home security systems.
My husband installed an alarm on our gate years back. It was battery operated which was too motion sensitive and sad to say it did not last long. So now he wants a wireless security camera that will work out best for our home. Yes, it must be wireless because the hates anything that is hardwired. There are many wireless security home cameras in the market but not all have signal that is strong enough to work through various walls and other obstructions. Different cameras have different features and we need to look for the weather proof and durable one before we can finally say “bye bye” burglary.

Outdoor Light Fixtures

You have more ways to be creative now in decorating your house. Aside from there are many furniture to choose from contemporary to traditional, many accessories and fixtures are available in the market these days. You can choose not only the right faucet for your kitchen or the lighting to your living room, but also the right outdoor lighting for your patio, garage and garden.Choosing the right outdoor light fixtures is as important as choosing the indoor lighting. Most of us prefer entertaining guests outdoor, in the lanai, or holding a party in the lawn or garden, so illuminating these areas is just as important.However, there are different types of exterior lighting so knowing the purpose of each lighting fixture will make the process of buying so much easier. The style of the lighting should complement the architectural design of your home or the landscape of your lawn and garden. For those uncovered entryways, make sure that the lantern is designed for exterior use as it will need a finish that will be able to withstand different weather conditions.

Air Purifier for Indoor Pollutants

I am having asthma attacks since last week. I have this ailment for years and I am very much familiar with asthma coping tactics like dealing with stress that can trigger the attack. However, indoor irritants or airborne pollutants that are also causing my attacks such as dust mites, household dust and mildew spores are in every corner of our house. I am cleaning and vacuuming the house everyday yet these allergens are everywhere. And now that the flowers are in bloom, I am sure that pollen are suspended in the air too.A friend told me that getting rid of pollen with an indoor air purifier is very effective and non-invasive way to reduce my chances of asthma attacks. Air purifiers can remove up to 99.97% of particulates in the air in a home or any place. This can be a great relief for people like me who have problems with some kind of particle such as dust, smoke, pet dander, or pollen.

But I still have questions like how much square foot can an air purifier cover? Can it cover our whole house? If not, then I think I have to place it inside our bedroom or in our living room where most of the pollutants are. Also, my friend told me that there are four types of air purifier, the ionic, HEPA, ozone and ultraviolet but she cannot differentiate one from the other. Do these air purifiers release chemicals? I have to browse the net and start doing my research today for the best and safest air purifier before this asthma flares up again.

Protect Your Family from Bed Bugs

Sometimes even how clean our house is, we cannot control the existence of insects. These tiny pestering creatures somehow think that they belong with the family and have the right to stay in our house. Insects that we seldom pay attention to are the bed bugs.

Bed bugs live in tiny cracks of furniture, clothing and bedding. They suck blood from human and animals and though the bite itself is painless and is not noticed, itching commonly occurs. Though they have not been proven to carry infections, researchers have implicated bed bugs as possible carrier of trypanosomiasis or Chagas disease. Chagas disease infections can spread when person accidentally rubs feces of an infected bug into an open wound, mouth or eyes and it can sometimes cause death particularly to infants. Scientists still yet to determine whether bed bugs may serve as Chagas disease carriers but you do not want to take chances, do you?  What we want is to protect our family from any infections and diseases.

The best thing to do is to find ways how you can prevent bed bugsfrom pestering you. And if your house is already infested, you do not have much choice but to dismantle your furniture most especially bed frames to expose bedbugs’ hiding sites and treat it with insecticides. There are several products on the market that works well for bed bugs. As for the garments and linens, soak them in hot water (120ºF minimum). Then clean very well the infested room. Brush all the possible corners and cracks to dislodge eggs. Or if you want, you can hire exterminators and they will find all the places where bed bugs are hiding, and will use various insecticides – sprays, dusts, and aerosols.


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How to Find a Good Air Mattress

The ventilation in our bedroom is not that good and we can’t sleep without using the air conditioner. In order to limit the use of electricity and save, we decided to sleep on the living room with a mattress on the floor and with the main door open for a well ventilation. However every morning, we have to carry back again the mattress in the bedroom. Because of this routine for almost three months now, our mattress is beginning to deteriorate. We need to buy a new one but what I want this time is an air mattress that can be easily inflated and deflated so we don’t have to bring it back  in the bedroom everyday. It can be  easily stored and can be used by our guests as well. But how to find a good twin air mattress? What are the things to consider before buying one? By doing some research, I found out three important things:

•    Look for air mattress that is made from very durable materials and with sturdy side rails that could withstand puncture so as to prevent leak.

•    2 inches thick natural latex is just perfect. Those thicker than 2 inches add too much weight while the thinner ones sag on larger framed individuals.
•    Tri-zone air beds are the best air beds for it has three chambers that can be adjusted individually on your desired firmness for suitable support and relieving back pains.