Holiday Celebrations (Now and Then)

Yes, I am blaming the holiday season for my non-existence in all blog memes the past weeks.  Holiday celebrations are what kept us busy and was far more different from the holiday celebrations I grew up with. Of course the same practices but our celebration then was simpler. I remember the only dessert we had then was gelatin made from gulaman, the one we are using for “palamig”. My Mom used to melt it on a pan then added milk and sugar. That was it, our dessert for Noche Buena and Media Noche. Our place was surrounded with coconut trees but Mom seldom make “buko” salad because of its expensive ingredients. We also had fruits like grapes, oranges and apples but we can only have those on holiday seasons. For the ordinary days what we had were just bananas and other tropical fruits. As for the main dish, we always had spaghetti or pancit with white bread on the side on special occasions. That was our life in the province, very simple.

Now, we can eat whatever we want regardless of the occasion. That is the reason why I am gaining so much weight I think. (Yes its the food and not my lack of discipline…lol!) Below is the picture of our table last new years’ eve.

I was preparing the desserts as early as the 30th of December, leche flan and buko salad. The following day I cooked hamonado, bacon wrapped asparagus, breaded pork chop, shanghai, California Maki and chicken soup. I do not know why I had to cook so much food for the three of us but I was glad that I did because I did not cook for a week after New Year’s Eve…ehehe.

Life now may be more complicated but it has more to offer and I am enjoying every minute of it with Rhonnel and RJ.

What Will I Get This Holiday

At last, after waiting for three days, this site is now in its full transition from blogspot to its own domain. I was planning to put up a new self-hosted site when this site’s PR became N/A from PR3. A bad rating but a good time to have its own domain. I do not know what is Mr. Google’s basis on rating the sites. Anyhow, I hope that he will grant my reconsideration after I uploaded the sitemaps. Because of this, I am late for Couple’s Corner again.
So, what will I get this Holiday? Here are my wild guesses…
From Tatay and Nanay-kitchenware. It is what I always get from them and has been routine for years.
From my sister-Olay moisturizer and perfume. I asked for it =-), but I will not receive it until next year because she just sent the package.
From my brothers-nothing I guess. They are not that thoughtful. I am always the one giving them gifts.
From friends-either beaded accessories, hankies or scented candles.
From Rhonnel-hair iron. He heard me planning to buy one.
From RJ…the sweetest hugs and kisses. These are the most precious for me.
Giving and receiving are traditions that fulfill Christmas. However, we are not obliged to give if we do not have the money. We can let our family and friends know how much we care by just giving them simple cards or by simply hugging and kissing them.