My Dream Clock

I just bought an anchor shaped wall clock. No, my husband is not a sailor. It is just so happened that it is the only clock with beautiful appearance on that store where I bought it. I was actually looking for a wall or mantel clock on a wood finish and in a WWII look like that in the picture below. But to my dismay the store does not have one. Why is it so hard to look for a perfect piece for our home? I should have looked for hermle clocks on the net first before I went to that store. Well, as they say, regrets are always in the end.
I am an admirer of old clocks most especially the ones with pendulum just like that of my grandfather (I wonder where it is now). The shimmering sounds of the chimes together with the pendulum are music to my ears plus it tells time in a very precise traditional approach, and with its old design and wood finishes, it is no doubt a marvelous home d├ęcor. Its stately design will give our small home an elegant look for sure.
We can have another clock, right? And I feel like buying another one right now. But this time, I will browse the net to be sure that I could find my dream clock, the one in WWII look with wood finishes.