Anniversary Gifts

Wedding anniversaries are a cause for celebration. What better way to show that you care, than with a thoughtful or fun gift for the one you love?

Choosing the right anniversary gifts can make all the difference to your special anniversary day. Getting Personal can help – as an online shopping resource with a wide range of beautiful, quirky and fun gifts to suit all tastes. They understand that you want something intimate and unique, which is why they specialise in gifts that can be customised with your own names and messages. How about giving your partner a beautifully bound copy of Romeo and Juliet. Have the story personalised with both your names substituted for the two star crossed characters in this classic love story for a truly one of a kind present. Or why not send a stunning bouquet of flowers, with your own special message printed on the satin ribbon wound around them. For iPhone and BlackBerry owners, there are several different cover designs available; each of which can be personalised to make a daily reminder to your partner of your love and affection. All you need to do is give the name of your choice and they will produce a unique one of a kind phone cover using their state of the art technology, just like this cute “two peas in a pod” cover.

iPhone cover

There are so many possibilities for making your anniversary gift a touching token that will delight your partner; Getting Personal gives you plenty of ideas to get you started. They make it easy and convenient for you to create a truly special gift for your partner without having to trawl round the shops, or look at lots of different websites to do so. You can have fun shopping while you decide what message to add to the personalised chocolate bar you’ll add in as an extra treat. Getting Personal also has trips and overnight stays to choose from; they really do have every kind of gift. All you have to do is to choose which one will make your partner smile.

Wonderful Gift Ideas from Kids

Among all the presents that a person could get, the best ones are those that are given by kids, most especially if they are your own children. This group of young individuals don’t rely that much on money because they aren’t earning yet.

For parents, no matter how simple they get, knowing that it was from their kids, it is going to be considered to be the best.

One of the wonderful gifts that a child has given is those self-made greeting cards. In most cases, they are being taught by their teachers in school while others just got the idea from their elder siblings. These would contain simple yet sincere greetings. There are also kids that are sensitive enough to know what their parents want, especially those older ones.  An example would be a new set of Wonder wink Medical scrubs for nurse mommy or doctor daddy. Since they aren’t earnings yet, they would save some amount from their school allowance and when the special occasion comes, they would buy the gift.

Another wonderful gift is when they show off their newest learned song or musical pieces as a surprise present. Surely parents would be the proudest to witness it most especially when their colleagues or friends are there.

What Will I Get This Holiday

At last, after waiting for three days, this site is now in its full transition from blogspot to its own domain. I was planning to put up a new self-hosted site when this site’s PR became N/A from PR3. A bad rating but a good time to have its own domain. I do not know what is Mr. Google’s basis on rating the sites. Anyhow, I hope that he will grant my reconsideration after I uploaded the sitemaps. Because of this, I am late for Couple’s Corner again.
So, what will I get this Holiday? Here are my wild guesses…
From Tatay and Nanay-kitchenware. It is what I always get from them and has been routine for years.
From my sister-Olay moisturizer and perfume. I asked for it =-), but I will not receive it until next year because she just sent the package.
From my brothers-nothing I guess. They are not that thoughtful. I am always the one giving them gifts.
From friends-either beaded accessories, hankies or scented candles.
From Rhonnel-hair iron. He heard me planning to buy one.
From RJ…the sweetest hugs and kisses. These are the most precious for me.
Giving and receiving are traditions that fulfill Christmas. However, we are not obliged to give if we do not have the money. We can let our family and friends know how much we care by just giving them simple cards or by simply hugging and kissing them.

Christmas Wish List

First, let me show you our Christmas tree and the wreath and garland at our main door. I made some of the decorations and put these up last month through RJ’s help.
The holidays are approaching past and the happiest person in our house is RJ.
She does not need to have a wish list though because she keeps on reiterating what she wants for Christmas since October. She wants Ken (Barbie’s friend) and Word Factory. I do not know if Santa would give her Ken. She has plenty of dolls, most especially Barbies, that she seldom touches and play with. As for the Word Factory, she can have that for sure and maybe one more mind game because Santa wants educational toys for kids.  =)
What is on my Christmas wish list? Waaah, I cannot have that this Christmas because it was way expensive and we cannot afford that for now. Wondering what it is?
…a Canon EOS/SLR digital camera kit. I am drooling for it but I can wait, anyway.
What is on Rhonnel’s Christmas wish list? Honestly, I do not know. He is not asking for anything but I know that he loves to have this one…
…an airsoft pistol.
Hmmm…it seems that only RJ could get what  is on her Christmas wish list. But that is fine with us. Christmas is more than the gifts we receive and the good food on the table anyway. The three of us celebrating this holiday season together with our loved ones brings the true meaning of Christmas.

Caviar Gift Sets for Your Dear Ones

Caviar has always been expensive because of its limited supply. There was even a time that caviar was served only to royalty and upper class. Today, not all people can eat caviar but it is much more affordable yet has the same high quality. Even you can eat caviar now with your family.
How about giving your loved one a caviar gift this holiday season? Why not? We always love to give the people we love all the best things in life. Because they are dear to us, they deserve something special and you can never go wrong with the finest quality caviar gift set which includes everything they need for the ultimate gourmet caviar experience. With this gourmet gift set, they can have fresh caviar as appetizer for a very special occasion that will be treasured and long remembered.You can order the caviar gift set of your choice online. The price range depends on the caviar, included accompaniment and trimmings. They will be shipped via overnight delivery so you can be assured that it is at its freshest best.

Finding the perfect gift for your friends and dear ones can be daunting but not with the caviar gift set. It is more than just perfect!