Important Considerations and Tips When Buying Gifts for Pre-Teens

If you’re unfamiliar with yet another recently added word to the English language; pre-teen, you’re hardly alone, though chances are you actually have one yourself or you’ve encountered one when visiting a family member or friend’s home.

Pre-teens – ‘tweens’ in the US – are, as the name suggest, youngsters who are yet to reach that milestone age of 13, most specifically, children aged 10 to 12.


Children of this age are notorious for many reasons, most of which are well-deserved and something many of the cheeky tykes will immediately own up to with a smug, self-assured smirk, including their ability to find something wrong with practically anything one could buy them, with the exception of Miley Cyrus and Justin Bieber CDs, and who could actually bring themselves to spend money on something like that?

Buying gifts for pre-teens often entails a healthy, wallet draining amount of trial and error, though as you love the pre-teen in question very much – You do don’t you? – that’s something you’ll just have to accept, and with that in mind, here are a few tips to make buying gifts for ‘tweenagers’ – another American twist – a little less painful.

Understand That It’s Cool to Hate Everything and That They Really Love Your Gift

As a young person it’s cool to hate; in fact, kids these days are no longer judged by their peers on what they like, but rather what they hate, or usually more accurately, what they say they hate.

With the notable exception of your boss’s brat child, who really does hate whatever you’ve bought for the little monster, when your son or daughter says they hate what you’ve bought them you need to understand that they love it, couldn’t have possibly hoped for anything better, and that they’re expressing their appreciation for your gift and their love for you in true pre-teen fashion.

Therefore, when they throw the box on the floor and stomp out of the room, you can give yourself a pat on the back because you’ve chosen the perfect gift.

Understand That Kids Really Want to Be Kids for Longer

‘You’re growing up so fast’ – what a way to destroy a kid’s life. Statements like these, although naturally well-meaning, are hardly what pre-teens want to hear because you’re basically telling them that in no time at all they’ll have to go to work, lose their hair and/or go wrinkly, and basically have nothing to look forward to ever again.

Help pre-teens realise their dreams of staying a kid a little longer by giving them one last really cool gift, like a remote controlled airplane or helicopter for boys and something cute and fluffy for girls – they’ll love it even though they’ll most probably tell you just the opposite.

Understand That Gadgets are In, Though If You Like Them They’re Not Cool

Sure, we all love iPads and the latest smartphone releases and pre-teens are no exception to this rule unless you make it obvious that you, or even worse their mother or father, like them too.

There are so many cool gadgets on the market that it really is impossible to keep up, though whatever you decide upon, like really cool headphones, for their next Christmas gifts, make sure that you remain cool and don’t express any interest in what you’ve given whatsoever unless it’s to say something curmudgeonly like, ‘How do kids put up with all that noise?’, because they’ll love what you’ve given even more.

Understand That Some Pre-Teenagers are Already Teenagers

Sometimes you have to understand that pre-teenagers have already passed that milestone age of 13 emotionally, though perhaps not mentally, and are essentially teenagers with all that entails – get over it and buy gifts accordingly.

When you come to this realisation about your own child or someone else’s, the worst thing you could possibly do is try to keep them ‘young and adorable’ with the gifts you buy, because although they’re still young, chances are they’re no longer adorable.

Buying gifts for pre-teens is often trying because children are at emotional crossroads at that tender age; however, with a little thought, trial and error, choosing the perfect gift for a pre-teen is well within everyone’s reach.

Perfect Flowers to Celebrate an Occasion

There are many occasions in life that warrant the act of gift giving; there are the obvious ones like anniversaries, birthdays, Christmas and Valentine’s Day. But there are also those occasions that are particular to a certain type of relationship; this could include Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, an occasion of celebration such as a promotion, graduation or a new job.

Obviously a gift depends on the relationship between the giver and the receiver and the type of occasion but if you are looking for something particularly special for the lady in your life you may want to take a look at the list of florists in your area.

The list offered surpasses the simple gift of flower giving which may be perfect to say job well done, but if you really want to show you care choose from something a little more unique. There are many gifts that show you have put a little more thought into the buying process, an experience for example. Any day out in a spa, a shopping spree, city break or country retreat would be perfect for a birthday, anniversary or Valentine’s Day gift as it shows an element of romance.

Most flower delivery offers the same level of romance and thoughtfulness. You can really make the occasion special by sending balloons to someone’s work place or a gift basket. This can include wine or even champagne and chocolates for the perfect start to a romantic evening.

But thinking a little out of the box, you may realise that not all relationships with a female have a romantic component. If you are looking for something special for Mother’s Day or maybe want to show your appreciation to someone who has really helped you out. Of course there are perfect flowers which have timeless sentiment, but there are also chocolates and biscuits that show you have gone the extra mile.

5 of the Best Kids’ Stocking Fillers

If your children haven’t been on their best behaviour this year, it might be the case that the only stocking fillers they’ll be receiving is an orange and a lump of coal. However, if your little ones have been good as gold, then you might want to give them a few extra little treats to wake up to this year. If you’re struggling to find affordable little gifts that will put a smile on their faces this Christmas morning, luckily we’ve got a few ideas rolled up our sleeves.

If your little ones have been good as gold, then you might want to give them a few extra little treats to wake up to this year.

Grow Your Own…

Get them looking forward to next season by buying them a ‘grow your own’ kit. This can be anything from vegetables to a tree, or even some sea monkeys if your little ones are particularly impatient; with sea monkeys, at least they won’t have to wait until spring rolls back around before they can get started. If you ask us, a ‘grow your own tree’ kit is probably the nicest idea, as they’ll be able to plant it in the garden and it will grow as they do, providing a lasting legacy of this Christmas.

Wreck This Journal

If your children aren’t so little but they still like to wreak havoc wherever they go, it’s unlikely that they’re into books. However, a Wreck This Journal is different. It instructs you to destroy or scribble all over each page and each has a new destructive challenge. You’ll start by bending the spine and move onto doodles, lists and ripping out pages for future reference. It’s perfect for children who don’t like anything to stay pristine for long.

Sweetie Jar

One thing most kids have in common is a love for junk food. Sweets are likely to be high on their list of favourite treats, so recycling an old Mason jar and filling it with candy is always going to be a hit in their eyes. You could personalise it by putting a sticker with their name on the front, or even painting it. Not only will they enjoy eating all the sweets inside, but they’ll be able to use the jar as a trinket box or a pen holder afterwards.

Hobby-Related Bits & Bobs

Whether it’s new guitar strings, some accessories for their scooter from Skatehut or some new shin-pads for soccer practise, getting them something that’s useful when it comes to their hobbies is always a good option. These are stocking fillers that will never go to waste.

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Ideal Christmas Gifts for Grandparents

The Christmas countdown has already started and many people have also started making their Christmas list this early. You don’t want to be stressed out buying gifts during the holiday rush so it’s ideal to start looking out for the perfect gifts for the special people in your life a couple of months before. For Filipinos, showing love and affection for the oldies is a unique trait thus even the simplest gifts and gestures go a long way in making them feel extra-special. Here are 5 ideal suggestions to help you find ideal Christmas gifts for grandparents this season.

grandparents Christmas gifts
For Filipinos, showing love and affection
for the oldies is a unique trait.

Travel Pillow

Indulge your grandparent’s desire to travel once they have retired. Suggest destinations and activities that they would enjoy and would not be too taxing for them. Make travel more comfortable for them by gifting them with a travel pillow that they can slip on their neck anytime anywhere. It’s small, handy and will allow them to do catnaps while in transit.

Make A Scrapbook or a Photo Album

Reminisce with your grandparents by collecting memorabilia and items from their generation and putting it together in a scrapbook. Find, scan and print pictures of them wearing vintage fashion trends, with their kids and with their grandchildren. It is always a wonderful experience listening to them tell stories of life while you leaf through this scrapbook or photo album.

Bedroom Slippers

Show how much you care about your grandparents’ heavy calloused feet by slipping them on a pair comfy, fuzzy and cozy bedroom slippers. This simple gift will go a long way in making them feel your thoughtfulness. They will forever love you for this.


Surprise your grandfather or grandmother with tunes from their generation. Download music into your iPod, PC and give them a pair of headphones or earphone and watch their faces lit up with songs they’ve been listening to while growing up.

Picture Frames

Grandparents are usually notorious for dotting on their grandchildren and giving them framed photos of you and your cousins will truly fatten their hearts! This is a simple yet very meaningful ideal Christmas gift for grandparents. Don’t worry about giving them a framed “selfie” for they will probably treasure this gift more than anything else.

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Most Popular Valentines Day Gifts for 2013

Many lovebirds across the world are waiting with bated breath as Valentine’s Day gradually approaches. On this day, various towns in Australia are often painted in red as people announce to the whole world about their love via their red outfits. This is a day when people get to show their love for one another. Showering your loved one with a gift is one of the ways of showing your affection towards him or her. Understandably, you could be at a loss on the perfect gift to pick for your soul mate. Here are some of the most popular gifts for the upcoming Valentine’s Day:

1. Red roses

Every Valentine’s Day, it is not uncommon to see people carrying red roses as they head home. It has increasingly become the symbol valentine's day giftof love and a romantic present. The popularity of red roses also owes credence to the fact that many romantic quotes focus on red roses. By giving a rose to your loved one, you would be exhibiting your romantic side. It is a message of love, which is clearly understood than when you sometimes use words. When thinking of red roses as a popular Valentine’s Day gift, it is important to send different amounts every year. Fortunately, red roses are much affordable than other gifts so you would not have to worry about denting your pockets.

2. Valentine’s Day DIY video

One ingenious way of showing your love for him or her is by making a DIY (Do It Yourself) video specifically for that magical day. Itvalentine's day gift ideas could be a song, video or photo. You should ensure that the theme of the video centres on something that you and your spouse cherish in your relationship. The advantage of a DIY video is that it is more informative and allows you to be creative. Since the theme is tailored in accordance with the relationship, the video can be a constant reminder of the good times.

3. Love letters

Have you ever had problems opening up your heart and expressing your true feelings to the one you love? valentine's day giftsPutting these feelings in writing could be a great way to surprise the apple of your eye on Valentine’s Day. Writing a love letter to your lover makes you stand out thanks to your traditionalism and originality. For people who seldom receive love letters, this would be a great Valentine’s Day gift they would cherish eternally. If you are a couple in the twilight years of your marriage, a love letter could resuscitate the old memories of your love life together.

4. Romantic movie ticket

Romantic movies are often in vogue during the Valentine season—this year it will be no different. One of the most common gifts wouldvalentine's day gift ideas be a ticket to a good romantic movie. Such blockbusters can be great motivation to both of you as far as building a long-lasting relationship is concerned. It also enhances the belief in love and is quite an encouragement if you are searching for true love. Romantic movies transport lovers into a virtual world where they experience unlimited happiness.

Christina is a Relationship Adviser from Melbourne, Australia. She says that these are some of the most popular gift options for Valentine’s Day in 2013, but if you are still stuck for ideas, she says you can’t go wrong if you pick something sparkly out of the latest Michael Hill catalogue.

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