What a Healthy Garden Says About You

Lush and colourful; a healthy garden speaks volumes about a person, besides the fact they have a green thumb. Your organic vegetable and herb garden grown in rich soil shows a reciprocal relationship between growing the plants and them feeding your body vital nutrients in return. A visually appealing and precisely maintained garden speaks of your organisational abilities and eye for beauty. What does your garden say about you?

healthy garden
Your personality is expressed through the aesthetic
design, layout and functionality of your green space.


Creating a beautiful garden requires consistency. It calls for specific care administered at the right time. Fruits, vegetables and herbs must be harvested at the right time to ensure they are ripe and fit for consumption. Plants must be seasonally cut back to allow new growth. Certain species should be grown separately, whereas placing certain contrasting species next to each other will stimulate growth, whilst creating a striking aesthetic. Plants must be watered in the cool of the morning, or afternoon, to avoid the sun evaporating the water, or burning a hole in wet leaves. Click here for examples of customisable products to increase the efficiency of watering your garden. An organised garden reflects your ability to compartmentalise the various aspects of your life, and create arrangements to maximise efficiency.

Good self-care

Gardening is good for your health. It is recommended as a stress relieving activity, allowing you to slow down from the bustle of everyday life, get in touch with the earth, stimulate your senses and immerse yourself in the natural world. A thriving garden is a result of a large investment of time and care. Your efforts will reward you with a sense of accomplishment, as you view a small offcut grow into a full bloom of its own. Diligently tending to your garden not only benefits your plants but also your holistic wellbeing.

Attention to detail

The devil is in the details. Fail to spot that tiny caterpillar, small web or black fungal spot and there may be no way to nurse your plant back to full health, or save the vegetables you have so conscientiously attended. A healthy garden says you understand the potentially dire consequences of not paying attention to the small details in life.


Creativity fuels the transformation from lifeless garden patch, to thriving bed of nutrient dense plants. There are no hard and fast rules about how you should organise your garden. Colourful, free flowing sweeps of colour to purposefully elegant and precise lines, your garden speaks volumes about your individuality. Your personality is expressed through the aesthetic design, layout and functionality of your green space.

Health Conscious

Happy herb gardens equal healthy bodies. Herbs are a natural remedy for many ailments. Certain herbs, such as lavender, lemongrass and chamomile can help reduce stress and promote better sleep quality. The latter doubles as a combatant against heart burn. Peppermint and ginger are great for curing the common cold and relaxing the body. Oregano and chilli can boost the metabolism and immunity. Fresh herbs contain more nutrients than their dried, processed counterparts and are more cost effective in the long run. Growing herbs says you care about the quality of the nutrients you are using to fuel your body. It also says you are aware of the great natural health benefits provided by Mother Nature. It also indicates you may be experimental with flavour combinations in cooking; as we all know, variety is the spice of life.

Picture your garden at home. What is it saying about you at this point in time? If it needs a little TLC, maybe it’s an indication you need to take some time out and treat yourself to some soul refreshing gardening.

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What is the Role of Water Pumps in a Fountain? Learn About Your Garden

gardenThe use of the water features in the yard of a home has become more and more common as of late. Earlier you would find a fountain placed in large farmhouses or penthouses; however, today with the growing desire to enhance one’s exterior decor, more and more people are adding this beautiful water element to their exteriors. Along with classy and elegant metal artwork, garden fountains also come with other impressive water features, such as water pumps, making them unique and desirable. In order to have colorful and eye-popping fountains and ponds in your garden or patio area, one can have many different types of water pumps to create a beautiful outdoor space. Stock up on all of the latest garden accessories and get ready for spring!

Fountains and Water Pumps for Your Garden

A fountain water pump or pond water pumps in general are available in many different forms and different sizes. Many people prefer to use a submersible pump since it is easy to install. One does not have to worry about adding an extra line or fret about the security of children and pets. You can use small and easy-to-fit submersible water pumps that will easily fit easily in the fountain or pond and keep the water flowing. On the other hand, there are external water pumps available that can be fitted outside the fountain as well. An external water pump occupies less space and is hassle-free. However, it takes more time and effort to install it. Both these pumps have their pros and cons.

Eco-Friendly Solar Pumps

A lot of people are now giving eco-friendly features a chance and a lot of emphasis is being put on the use of solar water fountains. These pumps do not run on any battery or need a supply of electrical energy. In turn, they use the sunlight as the source of energy. These pumps have become popular of late. Similarly, there are other portable as well as big size fountain pumps that are used in commercial as well as residential places.

The best part about fountain and their pumps is that they can operate around-the-clock. One does not have to worry about safety issues with the operation of the water pumps. Most pumps are also available with a valid warranty of one year or more. However, one can also find replacement pumps that are cost-effective ways of replacing a faulty or old water pump. These water pumps are the best option when it comes to keeping the water flowing and keeping everything running in a calming garden space.

4 Gardening Essentials

4 Details to Bring Your Garden to Life

Gardens are our pride and joy, and there’s nothing better than spending a nice day relaxing out doors in the sunshine. However,  gardens can also be hard to maintain. That’s why I’ve written this simple guide to let you know what to keep an eye on to keep your garden looking tidy.


Weeds are hated by almost every gardener and are by far the most common cause of an uneven or unsightly lawn. Weeds also have a bad habit of re-growing month after month, no matter how hard you try to get rid of them. So be sure to keep an eye on them, and use a weed killing product and a trowel at the first sign of them.


This might be an obvious one, but remember to take care of your grass! Too many of us neglect it and assume that grass is durable and can take care of itself. This is true to some extent, but for grass needs a helping hand from time to time. Be sure to keep your grass short for an eat looking lawn. Another benefit of short grass is that the sunlight can penetrate the whole blades, which encourages  hlorophyll production – giving your grass that luscious green colour.


Decking can get easily weathered, and it may seem like a tough task to keep it looking new. However, it’s not as hard as you think thanks to products such as decking treatment and decking paint which make the job a whole lot easier. Now maintaining your deck doesn’t have to be left to professionals. You can do it yourself!


Ornaments can be a fun and easy way to bring character and depth into your garden. Try placing miniature statues hidden within your
shrubbery. You can also buy solar powered ornaments that light up at night, making your garden a tranquil place to relax in the evenings.  And that’s it, remember these 4 gardening essentials and you’ve got the basic groundwork’s for a beautiful garden. As long as you remember these 4 points your garden will remain a beautiful for years to come.