Hanging Out with Your Child’s Friends

The saying “tell me who your friends are and I’ll tell you who you are” holds more than a morsel of truth. Although friends do not necessarily have to be “clones” of each other, they normally share similar interests and general behavior. They might have different personalities, but friends would have commonalities when it comes down to the values they hold dear and the principles they espouse. Real friendships are not formed instantly. It develops and is nurtured over time. The strongest friendships are those that withstand the test of time.
In the case of young children, some friendships are confined to the playground. As your child grows, he forms deeper friendships that could possibly last more than a couple of years. Your child’s friends can influence his thoughts and feelings. It can even alter his perceptions especially during the tween and teen years when peer pressure is at its height. As a parent, you have to be on top of things without coming out like a domineering “big bully” who simply wants to have his way with the kids.

Developing a close relationship with your children starts when they are young. This is easily done during the times when they are still entirely dependent on you. As they learn to venture out in the world on their own, make it clear that you are going to be with them in their journey. This does not have to sound imposing. On the contrary, it should be a statement of commitment to your child that you will be there for them not only as a parent but as a friend as well.

Get to know your child’s friends. Establish rapport with them and make them feel that they can be open to you too. Know when you can be around them and when to “disappear” in the background. Do not be intrusive or judgmental about your child’s friends. When you notice something that bothers you about one of your child’s friends, mention it nonchalantly and see how your child feels about it. This way, you can gauge your child’s ability to discern things on his own. This will also allow you to help your child process things about his social interactions that do not seem to be as easy for him to understand.

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Jollibee Burger Camp

Last Sunday, May 22, RJ spent two hours in Burger Camp together with other kids. Burger Camp is one of Jollibee’s activities for the kids wherein they learn how to make their own burger for snacks. Jollibee is RJ’s favorite food chain (next to KFC) so she was so excited to attend the burger camp.

Before the burger making starts, the kids were toured in the kitchen where their favorite French fries, spaghetti, burger and crispylicious Chicken Joy are cooked but we were not allowed to take pictures inside the kitchen.

Jolllibee kitchen tour Then the kids were taught the step by step procedure how to make burger.

burger making There were also games and of course interaction with the country’s most loved mascot…Jollibee.


But what I love about the activity such as this are the values it instills among children…the importance of eating vegetables, good hygiene…

good hygiene good behavior…

sweet smile
and most of all…the value of friendship.


RJ while enjoying her burger after the activity.

eating burger

Thanks, Tokaya!

I received my second card from my Tokaya Rose. The first one was a Christmas card sent last year and this one is a birthday card. I can’t help but smile when I read the card’s dedication…
It says, “I could never forget your birthday. It would be like forgetting my own.” It is because we share the same birthday which is June 10 and we are both Rose that made us to be twin sisters here in blog land. lol!
To my Tokaya Rose who is a loving wife, a great mother and author of Obstacles and Glories, Etcetera Etcetera, Nostalgic Marveling and Spice Up Your Life, thank you very much!

The 6G’s

6G’s is what hubby and his friends called themselves during their high school days. Yes, they are together that long. Why 6G’s? Well, obviously because they were six then and G stands for whatever you can think of (gwapo, gago, ginoo, etc.) So if you are one of those who have grudges on them, just think of the worst G word. lol!

Seriously, 6G’s are six no more (wondering what happened to Philip) but still they are calling themselves 6G’s. They are together since high school until each one of them got married and raised their own families. They are Godfather of each others’ children and their wives are also now good friends. In other words, they have been through a lot of things and happenings.


6G’s and their families are having reunions twice a year, one every summer which is swimming and the other one during Christmas season, videoke and gift giving. Just last Sunday, we had our summer reunion at Loreland Farm in Antipolo. Though the place is not that dazzling for me, we enjoyed because each family brought great foods and our kids had fun.

Introducing the 6G’s with their families:

(from top left to bottom right)

The Dacios, the Cantoses, the Carloses and the Pascuals.

6G’s started at six and now we are more than triple including the Arniegos who are not in the picture. They didn’t make it but promised to join us next time.

“There is magic in the memory of schoolboy friendships; it softens the
heart, and even affects the nervous system of those who have no heart.”

~ Bejamin Disraeli ~