Field Trips

I haven’t missed any field trip when I was still studying. Those were wonderful and treasured experiences and I want my little girl to have the same experiences as mine. The truth is I am the one more excited every time RJ is going on a field trip. It is because I am excited on RJ’s reactions and not actually on the destinations. On RJ’s first field trip, we went to Quezon Museum, Gonuts Donuts, Science Expo and Manila Ocean Park.

First Field Trip 

On her second grade I asked her as early as July (3 months before the field trip) when their field trip will be and she asked, “Why are you more excited than me?” I told her that I am excited because she will get to see how things really are, how they work and all that stuff. On their second field trip, there was a cost-cutting because of typhoon Ondoy. Our place was one of those who were affected. We went to Quezon Museum (again), Storyland and La Mesa Eco Park.

Field Trip 2009

Field trips motivate and educate our kids. It help develops students’ personal and social skills and enrich their learning experiences while making them more aware of the world outside the walls of their school and home.

RJ enjoyed her hands-on experience from the outside world very much. See those smiles? Nothing beats experiencing things in actual situation.