How To Make Someone Feel Better

Love begets love, and happiness begets happiness. On the flipside, crankiness begets an equal or even greater amount of crankiness. Sadness or any other negative emotion is contagious and makes people around you just as sad- if not more- in no time. When someone close to you happens to be down in the doldrums, sinking helplessly in an ocean of despair, there are some easy peasy things you can do to help lift her spirits.

Listen to her. Sometimes, all lonely people really need is someone to listen intently and sincerely to them. They may simply need to unload their burdens in order to feel lighter inside. You, as the recipient, should try not to get pulled down, though. Be the strong person she needs, and just be that comforting shoulder to cry on without absorbing the negativity. You should be the one to influence her emotions, not the other way around.

Send flowers. Who said that only men are allowed to send flowers to women? If your lonely friend lives oceans away from where you’re at, you can always send online gifts her way. You can search through, for instance and pick out a fresh bouquet to help lighten her mood. Or if she has a sweet tooth, you can opt to send her chocolates or her favorite cake.

Chat with her. Our busy schedules often keep us from being physically there for our friends, but that shouldn’t hinder you from cheering them up. With the advent of the internet, anything is virtually possible. You can spend hours catching up on old times just by chatting online. Look back on funny experiences you’ve shared together. She’ll forget about her problems in no time.

Play music together. If you can possibly find a way to hang out with your friend, it would be good to put on some music and sing or dance together. You’re sure to get a good laugh out of it.

When talking to someone in an effort to make him happy, remind him that whatever it is he’s going through, it too shall pass. The world is round, they say, so if you find yourself down one minute, it won’t be long before you find yourself on top again.

A friend in need is a friend indeed, as the adage goes. A friend is at her neediest when she is feeling emotionally down. If you do whatever is in your means to help make her feel better, you then become the ultimate good friend which she will cherish for as long as she lives.

How to Feel Better on a Rough Day

I seldom see people now who offer their seats in a bus to senior citizens or give way when you’re trying to merge in a traffic. Because there are so many things that get life rough, considerate people are getting fewer each day. Sometimes I wonder if this is still a better place for my child to live in (as if I have other choices). Sorry if I am being dramatic. I just miss the world where everyone is a little kinder. If you’re like me who misses the old world, here are the things you can do. It may not get the old world back but it could help you feel better on a rough day.

1. Write a note of appreciation or support for someone who deserves it. Email or snail mail, it doesn’t matter. What matters is you’ll encourage them to keep on going.

2. Make a list of blessings you received today. Having an attitude of gratitude is one of the best ways to shoo the bad day away.

3. Pass a good news. It maybe something that someone has done. This is to let people know that many good things still happen.

4.  Give a kind smile to a stranger. Pick someone who looks as if he needs it. You might just make that person’s day.

5. Say a prayer for someone you know is in need. It’s a little thing you can do that has life-changing results.

6. Do something for free. It may be cleaning a neighbor’s yard without expecting something in return.

7. Doodle someone and give it to him. It may amuse, heart warm or delight him.

8. Offer the mailman or the newspaper boy an ice cold drink on a hot day or a cup of hot coffee on a cold day as ways of saying thanks.

9. Give someone a gift of hug. Sometimes it is just what is needed in time of sorrow or time of joy.

10. Say I love you in whatever way you can. This may be a difficult thing to do for some but we all need to hear it and say it at one point in our lives.

Last but not the least, print this and post it on your refrigerator door to remind you and your family to do kind deeds everyday.

Source: Papemelroti