Our Favorite Hang Outs

This is our favorite restaurant, Max’s. This is where we celebrated our first anniversary as sweethearts and it witnessed many milestones in our life as a couple. Aside from its delicious friend chicken, which is our favorite, we are very at home in this place. We love its ambiance, not tawdry and not too cozy either.

If we want Pizza, this is where we eat.

If we want some privacy for our intimate moments or we just wanted to unwind and leave the stress and worries behind without leaving the city, we hang out here, a modern European-inspired hotel in Quezon City. Their suite is very affordable. It may be noisy outside because it is situated in a commercial district, but inside is a serene place that gives us the privacy we need. We stay here for 24 hours with our cell phones off, sleep, soak in the bath tub and you know…that thing. Do I need to mention it here?

Sometimes, couples need time for just the two of them. Time to enjoy each other in a  sensuous private room. In these moments, they can enjoy each other much more than physical. This is to rejuvenate their mind and bodies, to build better emotional relationship and to rekindle the passion and romance.