Family Quality Time

There are too many things that occupy our days – most people do not run out of things to do in their list of errands. With all these things, people often run out of quality time to spend with the family. Many working parents come home late and spend only a few minutes to check whether the kids are home and safely tucked in. The weekends come as a time to do all the household chores and maybe get a few more hours of sleep. A lot of the kids today are not given as much attention as they need, especially when they reach their teenage years. It would be sad to look at your kids several years down the road and not know who they really are. Make sure you save a little bit of yourself and make time for your kids.


Eat meals together. Make sure that you all sit down around the table to eat a meal together. Breakfasts are usually too hurried and brief. That’s why family dinners are recommended. Set a fixed time for dinner when everyone is expected to be home. If you do not have the time to prepare dinner, you can order food from your favorite restaurant. The chores that come with preparing dinner and cleaning up afterwards can be shared among the family members.

Have a family project. Find a common interest among the members of the family and plan a project that you can all complete together. The holidays are often the best times to do these projects. You can build a Christmas nativity scene for you front lawn or you can make a Wizard of Oz display for Halloween. On ordinary days, you can have a recycling project wherein everyone collects plastic bottles or soda cans to be taken to the recycling center at a specified date. This will get the whole family working together towards a common goal.

Schedule family vacations. Have fun with the entire family. Your annual vacation from work does not necessarily have to be spent doing all your backlogged errands and long overdue tasks. Plan a family getaway and spend the week hanging out and bonding with your children.

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