Top 5 Family Movies You Can Enjoy With Your Kids

Picture this: Saturday night at home with the kids. It’s been a great day, you’ve ordered take-away for dinner and ready to settle down for the evening. So what movie are you going to pick? Check out these all-time family favourites. Not enough? Click here for a great range of titles you’ll be sure to love!

So how do you pick a great movie that you can enjoy with your kids? You want something heart-warming and funny. Something that won’t hype the children up before bed, or give them bad dreams! It needs to have some of those old-time themes of family, love and good versus evil.

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Ready to pick something both you and your kids will love? Read on!


Who can resist a naïve princess, a loveable rouge, a stubborn moose and an adorable snowman? This enchanted movie filled with song, excitement and of course love is suitable for all, with both parents and kids laughing though this instant classic. True loves kiss will surely bring all the family together. The movie might be frozen, but you’ll all be warm together, snuggling on the couch with a big bowl of popcorn.

Mary Poppins

Bringing the family together is woven into the very fabric of Mary Poppins. You’ll all be chim-chiminy-chim-chimminy-cherooing together as you teach your children the song you grew up with all those years ago. Join Mary, Bert, Jane and Michael as they search what everyone is looking for – family. Everyone can relate to a character in Mary Poppins – can you imagine who your children will admire the most?

Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory

Join Johnny Depp at his eccentric best in this journey to every child’s paradise – Willy Wonka’s Chocolate Factory! Grab a block of chocolate and travel through a feast for the eyes in this delightful movie. Like Willy and his father, this movie will bring you and the children together!

The Lego Movie

Strap your family in for this instant classic! Join our unlikely hero as he bumbles his way through saving the entire Lego galaxy. This animation will surely bring back many memories for those who grew up in the 70’s and 80’s as you giggle your way through this clever family favourite.

The Wizard of Oz

Take your children down the Yellow Brick Road on this heart-warming classic. It’s certainly not the latest movie around, but this classic journey of four unlikely characters will no doubt help you all search for those inner values you want your children to have – love, courage and a strong mind. If you wanted a classic good versus evil movie, you can’t go past the Wizard of Oz.

Who doesn’t remember Saturday night family movie night as a kid? Enjoying sitting close with your family, snuggled on a bean-bag or couch, enjoying a classic together in the living room? The excitement of staying up late, of enjoying some popcorn and hot chocolate. Why not create some memories with your kids this weekend?

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Common Courtesies for Everyone to Enjoy the Cinema

Going to the theater for a movie date is a great way to relax and unwind. In fact there are some people who make it a habit to go to the cinemas every weekend to wash away the stress and worries that they burdened for the whole work week. However, there are also instances when a supposedly relaxing activity can turn out to be stressful one when you have viewers who do not practice common courtesies while inside the movie house.

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Most establishments have house rules for customers to follow so that everyone can enjoy their services. Some of the standard rules that we can find in movie houses concerns the use of cell phones, camera or camcorders, bringing of food or bulky packages and bags inside the cinema. Some theaters would have specific restrictions in bringing babies or children while others are more lenient. If you want to bring kids along in the movie house, it is best to look for cinemas that cater to families with children like Vue Cinemas. They have special screening schedules that accommodate young audiences. Viewers of this slot would probably be more tolerant of minor distractions created by children. However, parents should take the initiative in removing crying and noisy children from the premises instead of waiting for the theater staff to request them to leave. There are also some annoying theater behaviors that adults are also guilty of. This includes talking loudly, standing up often, eating noisily, or leaving their trash behind. Some of the worst things that I encountered are people putting their feet up on the chair in a cramped cinema and kids kicking the back of your chair. From then on I became more prudent with my cinema choices. The family movies at Vue have always met our standards in both viewing comfort and enjoyment.

Watching a movie in the cinemas is something that everybody should enjoy. Common courtesy dictates that you should be considerate of the comfort or convenience of your fellow viewers and refrain from making disturbing actions or noises.