7 Safety Measures for A Fail-Safe Family Holiday

family holiday

With the holiday season approaching, many families plan for a fun or relaxing getaway. The hectic pace of modern life makes it hard to set aside the time for family holidays, so these rare shared experiences are precious.

When your time and resources are limited, it’s extra important that your family holidays and adventures are not tainted by illness or injury. The following seven safety measures will ensure that your family escape is fail-safe.

1. Vaccinate Before You Vacate

If your family holiday involves overseas travel, make sure that all family members receive any necessary vaccinations before the vacation begins. Your local medical centre or family doctor will be able to advise which vaccines are recommended for the area that you are visiting. When packing for the vacation, keep a record of all vaccinations administered and family medical records, including any life-threatening allergies and blood types of all family members. It’s critical to have this information at hand in the event of an accident or emergency.

2. Hit the Bottled H2O

In the West, we often take the convenience of clean water for granted. But when travelling to places where the tap water is not safe for drinking, you should quench your thirst with bottled water. In less developed countries, you are more likely to encounter water that contains harmful microorganisms. Bad water can transmit a range of nasty illnesses, including diarrhoea, hepatitis A and cholera. When tap water contains dangerous microorganisms, even the simple act of rinsing a piece of fruit or brushing your teeth can be unsafe.

3. No Heavy Lifting

Packing light for family holidays can be tricky. There are so many creature comforts that we use on a daily basis; it’s hard to imagine living without them, even for a short time. But the prospect of lugging around cumbersome suitcases is not exactly conducive to having a relaxing holiday.

When packing for the family vacation, try to keep it light by packing only the essentials. Opt for multiple smaller suitcases instead of one huge suitcase – if the weight is distributed among several bags, the load is easier to bear. And use suitcases with wheels where possible – better to let those wheels do the work than burden your back.

4. Dress For Safety Success

Pack safe, suitable clothing and equipment for the type of holiday that you have planned. If you take the family for a beachside getaway, swimming attire and paraphernalia will be necessary. Bring sunscreen to protect against the sun and Floaties for the little ones who are learning to swim. If you plan to go hiking or rock climbing with the kids, bring insect repellent and make sure that everyone has appropriate footwear, protective clothing and safety equipment.

5. Take Your Medicine

If any family members use ventilators or take regular medication, pack all of the relevant medical supplies and accessories before you leave for your holiday. Even if the medical condition only flares up from time to time, you don’t want to be stuck in an unfamiliar place with an emergency on your hands. Don’t assume that you’ll be able to find your medication wherever you go. Play it safe and bring it with you.

6. Put Safety on the Agenda

From drowning incidents to food poisoning, most unfortunate accidents could have been avoided by simply educating the victim beforehand about the inherent dangers of their actions. For this reason, it’s advisable to have a conversation with your kids about any potential hazards that they are likely to encounter during the family holiday. If you explain, for example, that bluebottles and jellyfish are poisonous, they will avoid them.

7. Don’t Leave Home Without a Travel First Aid Kit

A Travel First Aid Kit is the essential ingredient for a fail-safe family holiday experience. When illness or accidents strike, it’s important to have basic medical supplies at hand. If your family holiday entails a road trip, you should keep a Vehicle First Aid Kit in your car. Otherwise, you might simply pop a compact Travel First Aid Kit in your suitcase. Reputable manufacturers, such as Survival First Aid Kits, offer a range of kits designed for different budgets and applications.

These are just a few precautionary measures that can be applied to safeguard your family holiday. Do you have any extra tips or insights to add? Share your advice and experiences in the comments section below.

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Keeping Them Busy

The annual holiday is that time of the year when the whole family can drop their responsibilities, stresses and grudges with one another, and head off to a place of serenity and some well-timed relationship bonding. If, like many other families, you are the proud owner of a cat, holiday season can pose a bit of a conundrum with what to do with your pet.

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Finding the best solution for your pet when you’re going on holiday can be done by taking certain aspects into consideration. Making your pet feel at home even when he isn’t will be achieved if the person who’s going to look after him loves pets and most importantly has had the chance to meet the animal at least once before you leave.

Cats tend to be fussier and their trust is harder to gain therefore they are first on the list. Seeking attention only when desired means that the person in charge has to be patient. Taking them too far away from the place they live at will make them feel home sick and try to escape in an attempt to return to where they belong. Another trick which might distract felines is bringing their toys along with them. Cat scratching posts and climbers will trigger their playful mood and days tend to go by faster when having a good time.

Puppies make the situation even more difficult, because they crave attention 24 hours a day/7 days a week. At such a young age all they think about is playing and running around. Keeping a young dog entertained may turn out to be trickier than you thought. In such cases, toys which have fun shapes and produce squeaky noises can keep a puppy in awe for a couple of days. Another secret would be to hide some of the toys, so that the fluffy critter forgets about them and when you give the objects back, he discovers them all over again. Kong Dog Toys have a wide range of products to choose from.

By the time they reach maturity, dogs tend to get highly attached to their owners. When they are separated from the ones they are devoted to, canines might feel very lonely and abandoned. Therefore looking for a substitute while you are away on holiday is important.

In addition to this, buying toys which require use of their intelligence will keep them busy and physically active. They won’t have time to be bored and miss you. Dog agility toys can be ordered on the Viovet online pet store.