Choosing the Best Hotel for Your Family

Just a few weeks from  now and it will be summer vacation. Hooray! It is the time that us, Moms, are waiting for to get away from it all…waking up early in the morning, ironing uniforms, preparing packed lunch, etc. It is also the time to have our most-needed vacation together with the whole family. So start looking for resorts or hotels now and book a date. But before that, below are the things to consider to get a good hotel for your family. Of course, price is on the top list. Hotel rate must fit your budget but this should not your only concern since you’ll be with your kids this time.

  1. Cleanliness: Kids are born curious. They love to roam around and explore. For sure, you wouldn’t want them to catch viruses and bacterias.
  2. Security: This is an absolute necessity. You’re on a vacation with your family so you should just enjoy every minute of it and stop worrying. However, this is only possible  if the hotel ensures your and your important belongings’ security. A safe,  where you can keep your cash, laptop and other gadgets, is  a must.
  3. Family-friendly: This is important when you have kids. Pools, recreational areas (video games, playground/playroom) and sports facilities are a must to keep your kids entertained throughout your vacation.
  4. Extra Fees: Make sure that the hotel rates include tax, service charge and free use of amenities. You don’t want to be surprised with hidden charges, do you?
  5. Restaurant: One of our kids might get hungry in the middle of the night. There would also be times that you’d be too lazy to drive and dine out.
  6. Parking: Of course this is important if you’ll bring your car. Know how secure the paking lot is and if here are extra fees for parking.
  7. Location: This depends on how you want to have your vacation. A centrally-located hotel that is near everything may be convenient but it may not be the best place if you want to relax and get away from it all.