Family Quality Time

There are too many things that occupy our days – most people do not run out of things to do in their list of errands. With all these things, people often run out of quality time to spend with the family. Many working parents come home late and spend only a few minutes to check whether the kids are home and safely tucked in. The weekends come as a time to do all the household chores and maybe get a few more hours of sleep. A lot of the kids today are not given as much attention as they need, especially when they reach their teenage years. It would be sad to look at your kids several years down the road and not know who they really are. Make sure you save a little bit of yourself and make time for your kids.


Eat meals together. Make sure that you all sit down around the table to eat a meal together. Breakfasts are usually too hurried and brief. That’s why family dinners are recommended. Set a fixed time for dinner when everyone is expected to be home. If you do not have the time to prepare dinner, you can order food from your favorite restaurant. The chores that come with preparing dinner and cleaning up afterwards can be shared among the family members.

Have a family project. Find a common interest among the members of the family and plan a project that you can all complete together. The holidays are often the best times to do these projects. You can build a Christmas nativity scene for you front lawn or you can make a Wizard of Oz display for Halloween. On ordinary days, you can have a recycling project wherein everyone collects plastic bottles or soda cans to be taken to the recycling center at a specified date. This will get the whole family working together towards a common goal.

Schedule family vacations. Have fun with the entire family. Your annual vacation from work does not necessarily have to be spent doing all your backlogged errands and long overdue tasks. Plan a family getaway and spend the week hanging out and bonding with your children.

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Up For An Anticipated Movie Date

It’s been quite a while since the last time that the entire family went out for a movie date. Ever since the school year started, the rest day weekends were all spent at home doing home works and overtime tasks.

A lot of blockbuster movies were missed out and we were left with no choice but to wait for the official release of the DVD copy. However, now that the school break is here, there is no reason to cancel that much anticipated movie date.

movie poster frames

Seeing movies in the big screen is way much better than seeing it at home with your not-so-big Television and dusty coach. Although the ambiance is homey, the dark movie house environment is epic. We may have missed some of the world’s top movie hits, for sure more are coming and this time around we are more than ready to enjoy it that even posing to awesome movie posters that are placed inside gigantic movie poster frames is part of the plan.

Before going to the movie house, the mom in me already anticipated the growling-stomach needs. Sandwiches have been packed so that when pop corns are not available, hunger won’t spoil the experience. Of course the bottled water is already in place and cellular phones are all set to silent mode. This is one of the movie ethics that your kids need to see in you. No one would want to be distracted with that annoying message alert tone that you have while everyone’s excited of what’s going on.

Going to movie houses with the entire family is not a tiring thing to do; it’s just that it requires time concentration. However, to save time and energy, this activity can be done after having your usual weekly grocery tasks and weekend dinner get together. A typical family bonding that should not be omitted even after your kids are already grown ups. It may not be in the form of a movie date in the long run but at least a weekend bonding should be set as an unwinding activity after a week-long demanding work.

Family Bonding Through Family Fun Activities

My family is very active, busy one. Of course, I am busy with the household chores and online job, hubby is busy with his office works while our daughter is busy with her studies.  But even though how busy we are we make sure that we are living a happy, healthy and fulfilling life. By “fulfilling life” I doesn’t mean materially but rather emotionally. My family build up emotional ties through family bonding. We do things together and enjoy life’s great experiences together.

indoor flow-rider

There are many ways to share family time such as picnicking at the park, going to the museums or zoos, joining community activities together, etc. But my family’s most favorite of them all is out of town vacations. Why? It is because vacation does not only foster bonding and provides my family with rest and relaxation…it also builds beautiful memories. Not to mention that it is fun! Fun! Fun!

mini croquet

The next time my family goes on vacation, we want to have a big fun…as big as the family fun in Utah. We want to experience the flow riding, crossing the swaying rope bridges, playing croquet, cruising and other fun family activities. Because of these activities, any family heading to Utah won’t have difficulty in finding loads of fun things to do. It is good to know that there is a resort that provides a remarkable and unparalleled experience. The whole family can bond and learn from each other while staying in a clean and wholesome environment.

Don’t get me wrong. I am not suggesting that out of town vacation is the best family bonding. It doesn’t matter whether it is a grand vacation or just doing the house work together, what is important is your family spends time together meaningfully.

Family Weekend Bonding

This weekend, hubby and I promised RJ that we’ll be going to Quezon City Memorial Circle to once again enjoy the smell of grass and assorted plants and trees in the morning (yes, they still exist inside QCMC) and to play frisbee and badminton and enjoy the playground sets as well. You may be asking, why QCMC? I must admit that I’m a big fan of QCMC. First, improvements were already installed in their facilities as well as upgrading of existing ones and they are not stopping. Second, food is cheap compared to the malls. Lastly, kids can run and play all they want with no worries of being hit by vehicles. Besides, you won’t run out of activities while you’re inside QCMC. Parents should try bringing the whole family to QCMC, it won’t hurt you in the pocket but your kids’ smiles will be priceless.

Importance of Family Bonding

I came from a big family. I am the eldest and I have 5 siblings. We lived with our parents in a nipa hut that was too small for the eight of us. We had no separate rooms and slept all together, girls and boys, on a big mat. Our parents were not able to provide us with material things and comfort but they fed us with good values and molded us into good persons. They taught us to always love and respect each other. I can’t remember any fight or sibling rivalry. Living in one small roof and sharing everything are what helped us to build strong family ties. Yes, poverty cannot be a hindrance in instilling good values and building strong family bond.
Strong family bond is very important. It helps us to feel secure and accepted. It helps us believe in ourselves and helps us to instill hope and trust in the world outside. Family bonding need not be expensive. You don’t have to go on a grand vacation or eat in a posh restaurant to have a good bonding time. There are many constructive and fun-filled things that a family can do. It can be  as simple as hugs and kisses during bedtime stories, daily meals shared together, watching tv or playing scrabble with your kids,  or a day in a park or zoo.
I understand that you have to work in order to provide for your family and because you have a hectic schedule, you are running short of time for everything. But have you asked yourself  when was the last time you played or watched tv as a family? Yes, you are providing material things for your your family, but are you likewise providing them strong family relationship?