Children’s Toys and Their Benefits

Playing is more than just fun. It plays important role to children’s development. It contributes to the physical, cognitive, social and emotional well-being of children. Playing also helps children to build confidence, to learn about caring for others and to feel loved. It also helps to cultivate the children’s self-confidence, independence and integrity. All of these can be achieved if you will choose your kids toys carefully.

As parents, what you always buy are educational toys. But not just the educational toys can greatly improve your children’s development. Below are the list of some toys and their benefits

Puzzles – this kids’ favorite learning toy enhances their early educational experience. It develops efficient thought processes by helping the kids to learn how to connect shapes and to group similar things together.

Construction toys – children, the boys most especially are intrigued by their father’s tools. Constructions toys can help the children to make their endless imaginations become reality. They can build and design thus their minds are being stimulated while they play.

Yoyo – duncan yoyos for example, is perfect for learning skills that involve balance, eye-hand coordination, and dexterity.

Arts and Crafts – it helps your children to discover new ideas on their own thus improving your children’s imagination and creativity.

Puppets – it is the best way to know how your children view the world. Through puppets, your children can experiment with the social and emotional roles of life.

The next time you will buy toys, remember that not only educational toys can enhance your children’s abilities. Even those toys that spark their interest help in their development.

What Your Children Learn from Their Toys

RJ was five years old when we bought her cash register. It is battery operated and has plenty of accessories; play money, a pretend credit card, pretend food boxes and calculator. The drawer can be locked and makes sound when you open it just like the real thing and it has barcode scanner that looks like and sounds like the real usb barcode scanner when you click it. What I love most about this toy is it helped RJ learn how to add and subtract and how to count money. Toys are for fun but wouldn’t it be nice if our kids learn something while having fun? It’s like hitting two birds in one stone.

It is also important to know what your child learns in each toy most especially on your baby’s first developmental stages. Here are some of the toys and games and what your child learns from them.


Toys/Games What your child learns
Mobiles develop visual skill
Soft toys, balls and puppets heighten your baby’s sense of touch
Act-back toys like squeak toys, bath toys that make a splash cause and effect
Mirrors self awareness
Soft toys and dolls emotional attachment
Grasping toys hand and eye coordination
Teething rings, crib gyms responding to his/her own physical needs
Musical tapes, CDs, Music box love for music
Washables books, non-toxic crayons, paper, large-piece puzzle sharpen visual skills
Shapes and colors sorting boxes shapes and colors
Pails, shovel, sandbox love of nature
Stacking towers, kitchen items small muscle coordination
Balls, push-pull toys large muscle coordination