How To Convince Your Children To Eat Veggies

Persuading kids to eat veggies is one of the most challenging tasks of being a parent. They can always think of alibis or perhaps use their tantrum powers just to avoid the unpleasant vegetable taste.

child eating

However, these kids need veggies to be healthy and they should start to learn to eat it as early as possible. If you can still recall how your mom persuaded you when you were still a kid, then it might be still be effective to your kids now. If not, then the following convincing tips might help.

Explain to them that this food can make them strong and intelligent; strong enough to become the best soccer player in school, or perhaps intelligent enough to become the top student in the class.

Be a role model. Eat vegetables in front of them and don’t display any disgusted face. They look up to you and everything you do is correct in their eyes.

Use hiding technique. Blend the veggies with other food in a way that your children won’t notice them. If they can’t see it then they would think there isn’t any vegetable in their food.

Presentations make wonders. Have your veggie plating as colorful as their candy jar. Their eyes are always interested in colorful things and they might start to like your colorful vegetable salad.