Why Pediatric Dental Care Is Important

Having good oral hygiene is important for a person to live a healthy life. Therefore, it is critical for parents to get their children started down the path to having healthy teeth and gums as early as infancy. It does not matter if you are feeding your child with a bottle or nursing, you need to start a regimen of dental hygiene. Here is why pediatric dental care is so important.

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Prior to any teeth erupting, you should use a soft washcloth or some gauze to wipe down the child’s gums. After the teeth finally appear, monitor them to make sure they are always clean. In order to do this properly, you will need to be certain you are using the correct tools. You will need to purchase a toothbrush that is specially designed to be used in the mouth of a baby. These toothbrushes have smaller heads than regular toothbrushes.

First dental visit

It is important to take your child to the dentist for the first time when he or she is between the ages of one and two. Food remnants and plaque will be removed from your child’s teeth by the pediatric dentist. It is critical to make sure these things are not allowed to linger on the teeth. If they are not removed on a regular basis, it is possible that a large amount of bacteria could form. If left unchecked, this bacteria could eventually cause gum inflammation, tooth decay and other dental problems.

A learning experience for adults

Taking your child to visit a pediatric dentist is not only about making sure your child has a healthy mouth, it is also to teach the parents how to better take care of their child’s teeth in this critical stage of their dental development. Obviously, a child that is less than two years old is not going to be brushing his or her own teeth. Therefore, the parents need to be educated on the best ways to care for their child’s first teeth. This is especially important if the parents have never had a child before. Dentists at Kool Smiles are happy to give parents friendly advice.

Knowing what to avoid

One of the common things that many pediatric dentists see all the time is young children who have developed cavities because their parents allowed them to sleep with a bottle in their mouth. The dentist will tell them to avoid such things from happening, preventing the problem from occurring in the first place. It is also critical that the parents know what usually causes a child’s teeth to decay. Proper teeth brushing methods are taught to the parents, enabling them to pass these methods on to their child when he or she is old enough. When a child is around one year old, he or she should begin drinking from a cup. Women should also stop breastfeeding once their child begins to grow teeth.

Tooth decay is an epidemic

The problem with children having tooth decay in the United States has reached epidemic proportions. As far as children are concerned, it is now the most chronic disease in the country. When children are kindergarten age, over 39 percent of them are suffering from tooth decay. This is according to data gathered by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. This sobering statistic just shows how important it is for parents to make the dental hygiene of their children a top priority.

How to Find a Good Dentist for Your Children

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My daughter, all smiles while waiting for the dental procedure.

My 10 year old daughter can’t wait for her appointment with the dentist. Yes, she is very fond of our family dentist. I think that is the most important thing, for our children to be at ease with the dentist to ease their anxiety. Based on research most adults are avoiding dental appointments due to the fear acquired from childhood treatment that is why proper dental management of children is required prior to providing good dental care.

A good dentist need not only be expert in his field. He must also know how to interact with his patients, kids most especially. Interacting with patients before every dental procedure is a big help to calm the patients, for them to comply passively with the dental procedures and dentist’s orders. This is beneficial to both the patient and the dentist as the treatment becomes shorter.

On the other hand, children must be brought to the dentist as soon as their first teeth appear for them to get used to the dentists and to keep healthy growth of their teeth. Yes, milk teeth fall out but they are also preparing the spots for the permanent ones.

Finding a Good Dentist for Your Children

Best option of course is your family dentist that is if he/she has first-hand experiences in handling children. But if you are dissatisfied with your dentist, do not hesitate to look for pediatric dentist. You may visit Taylorsville Dentist or ask recommendations from your pediatrician, relatives and friends.

Don’t be ashamed to ask the dentist with his/her experiences and training in handling children. Remember that it is your child’s health that is at stake here. A pediatric dentist that is trained to meet children’s oral health needs ensure your child gets the necessary treatment and care for his age.

How the dental clinic looks-like is a big factor too. Kid-friendly dental clinics with coloful paints and toys will make your children’s dental encounters as much fun as a visit in their favorite amusement park.

Friendly and accommodating staffs are important as well. Their smiles give the clinic a friendly atmosphere that will put children at ease.

Finding a good dentist for your children is a critical part of your child’s over-all health and well-being. Make your child’s visit to a dentist a memorable fun experience.

This is a sponsored post however, all the points and views are my own, based on my personal experiences as a Mother.

Introducing Dental Care To Children

Dental care should be taught to children as early as possible. Beautiful smiles, healthy teeth and fresh breath can help boost self confidence. A simple dental cavity can hoard harmful microorganisms that may cause heart diseases that will manifest when they grow up so it pays to keep their teeth healthy and clean.

dental care

Kids got sweet tooth and most of the time forget to brush their teeth afterwards. If parents could teach their kids the proper dental care as early as possible, then there would be no problem at all.

Majority of the kids fear dentists because most of their visits are during dental extraction and they are looking at it as a very painful experience. This shouldn’t be the case. Teach your kids to love their dentists because they would be responsible on keeping their teeth healthy.

Tooth care doesn’t necessarily mean that your kids aren’t going to eat sweets or candies anymore. They are allowed but in moderate amount and provided that they’re going to drink a lot of water and brush their teeth afterwards.

When they can already hold their toothbrush, let them brush on their own but with your supervision. Do not expect that they could brush it thoroughly during their first attempt; that’s why you need to look after it.

Since you’re teaching dental care to your kid, be a role model as well. You can join them while they’re brushing their teeth or show them the proper way of brushing it. You can show them some pictures of beautiful teeth as well.

Dental care is something that everyone should know how to execute. We are going to interact using our mouth and if it smells awful, it would be very embarrassing. Start teaching your kids early before they’ll lose all their teeth because of dental cavities. Let them have that beautiful smile through their beautiful teeth.

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