Cutting-edge ‘Smart’ Appliances for the Home


If you’re looking for a new kitchen appliance because your old one broke down, the chances are that you’ll want to buy something that’s more advanced, does the job better and with greater build quality. A brand new Tumble Dryer bought at might seem expensive, but it will help to make everything easier, especially if you want your clothes dried quickly and thoroughly with no problems. Many modern tumble dryers lay claim to being both smart and energy efficient, but future models may be even better for a variety of reasons.

One such reason is the use of wireless electricity. Despite the advances made in making smart appliances, they all come equipped with electrical leads so that they can be plugged in. While this is the norm, and in the vast majority of cases, they’re safe and reliable, they can be tripped over, and the wires can become frayed and prone to breaking. Once wireless electricity is perfected, every kitchen appliance you can name is likely to run using it.

Wireless electricity, as well as being a little bit safer than the current way of powering up kitchen appliances, can also make installation and moving them easier, while it can also save space, meaning you’re less likely to trip yourself up in a cramped kitchen space. If it ever becomes reality, it will change the face of kitchens throughout the world for years to come. While it will be one of the most important innovations in making cutting-edge kitchen appliances, there are other developments currently in the pipeline.

Wireless technology could also be used to help tell you if you’re running low on food. By using your smartphone or, if you own one, a tablet PC such as an iPad, you can connect to your fridge freezer and find out whether you’re running low on milk, meat, cheese, fruit or vegetables. On top of that, you could write a shopping list on your phone/tablet and it can also be done on fridge freezers that could come equipped with a touch screen as standard. Electronic ink, which will be used for packaging, will communicate with smartphones informing users where in the shop it’s located.

The aforementioned technology might not be in use yet, but it’s only a matter of time before energy efficient appliances are also capable of doing so much more than keeping food fresh, cleaning clothes or washing the dishes. If you’re stuck with basic kitchen appliances that don’t do the job in hand effectively enough for your liking, and want something new, cutting-edge smart appliances can make your kitchen look brand new, and will be able to do so much more than your old ones. However, if you’re prepared to wait a few years, you might end up being able to buy wireless appliances.