Creamy Gelatin For Dessert

It was my birthday yesterday. Thanks for those who greeted me especially to my friends here in blogosphere. My husband went to the office yesterday (he had to). Only me and my daughter were left in the house. We’ll just go out this weekend to celebrate.

It was my day so I took my time off. I didn’t do any household task and didn’t cook much food. My husband bought ice cream and I bought a “rellenong bangus” and mixed vegetables in the supermarket and cooked gelatin for dessert. It’s my Mom’s recipe and all of us love it.

1 pouch powdered gelatin
1/4 kg. white sugar
1 all purpose cream 250ml.
fruit cocktail


Cook gelatin (I used Mr Gulaman) as per package instructions but less 2 cups of water. If the instruction says 6 cups, make it 4 cups. Drain the fruit cocktail and add the juice in the water. Add all purpose cream and drops of vanilla. Mix until cooked.

In a moulder, scatter the fruit cocktail. Let it cool then place inside the refrigerator. Serve cold together with your favorite jelly or wafer.

We also had rellenong bangus. I fried the rellenong bangus and cooked the mixed vegetables in butter.

We also had ice cream for dessert.