Just When You Think it is Over

I do not see our marriage as perfect but we are lucky to always resolve things together before it leads to another, and for that I am grateful. Though I know many friends and some people who went through rough times with their relationships yet ended up happily ever after just like the fairy tales, I am not in the position to share their stories. I am glad that these people trust me so much, that they are confiding their problems with me and seek for my advice. But sometimes it is hard to give advices if you were not in their shoes.

There are numerous things we have zero control over and marriage is one of them. We always say that for the marriage to lasts, it is important to compromise, understand each other or keep the candle burning but they are easier said than done.

Marriage can be tough and emotional sometimes, however, being open, learning to listen, see and interact and giving each other space could help you patch things and be back in each others arms just when you think it is over.

Hearts Everywhere

When you are in love, you feel special and you feel good. You feel like every love song is meant for you, no waking up on the wrong side of the bed, you can see hearts everywhere and the world seems brighter and beautiful each day.

This is exactly what I felt when Rhonnel and I were still on the stage of courting and dating. I was just afraid to admit at first that I am in love with him because I was traumatized by my previous relationships. Do not get me wrong. We are still very much in love. It is just that it is different when you have your kids. The attention, time, everything is divided and sometimes the kids are getting more of everything.

So as to keep the fire burning, we never fail to show that we still care. We make sure to have the time to reconnect by setting dates, just the two of us. We cuddle and kiss while watching movies here in the house. We are always honest, loving and supportive to each other.

Nothing is more important than you both being able to express your true feelings. These are the reasons why our fire never gets out of flame and why there are still hearts everywhere we go until now.

Kilig Moment in the Bus

L♥ve is in the air. Because it is l♥ve month, the C♥uple’s C♥rner would be filled with hearts and kilig moments this February. To start with, our theme for this week is “Our Firt Kilig Moment”. Oh my! I will not forget it. Would you believe that it happened inside the bus? Yes, the public utility bus you are riding in EDSA. The bus that is always jam-packed with commuters but has space for lovers…ehehe.

Rhonnel and I were officemates on a telecommunications company. Because we were both on operations department, we both have mid-shifts and graveyard shifts. His schedule then was 6am to 2pm while mine was 3pm to 11pm. He was courting me so he was obliged to fetch me at 11pm to be with me even in a short time. Every night, from Cubao, he sent me home to Pasig where I was residing. We were regular passengers of the jam-packed buses. One time, on our way home, he asked me if he can hold my hand. I didn’t reply. I looked at him instead and hold his hand. “Lub dub…lub dub…lub dub”. Those were our hearts murmuring, the only sound you can hear that time. Grabe palakasan kami! Take note…we’re not sweethearts yet. Yes, I like him a lot but I am a certified coy. Don’t worry, just a few months after, I gave him my sweet yes…and the rest would be tackled on our next C♥uple’s C♥rner themes. Wink!

Bad Habits

New year’s resolution means starting anew. It is peoples’ personal goals, or changes they need or want to make their life better. But more often than not, nothing is fulfilled on this once a year do-or-die; the reason I do not have any new year’s resolution this year (except for working harder). But it does not mean I do not have bad habits to reform or get rid off. I am not perfect after all. I have these two worst habits; the “manyana” or putting things off for tomorrow and the other one is doing many things at a time and ended with nothing accomplished.
Maybe for some people the “manyana” habit does not sound really bad as this is a common habit for most Filipinos but for me, it is really, really bad as there is reason for my “manyana” habit. I used to do things at once but since I started playing Cityville on FB, my life turns up-side-down. I put things aside because of Cityville until the day ended with unwashed dishes or taking a bath at 10pm onwards. There are also times that I sleep at 2am. Rhonnel says he will sue whoever is the founder of Cityville. Lol! As for my multi-tasking without results, well it is my long time habit that is hard to break. I do not know why I always wanted to do so many things at a time with enthusiasm but then before the tasks end, the passion is gone and so more of them are left undone.
I do not want to make any promises but I will do my very best to reform this bad habits of mine. God, help me!


What We Want from Each Other

I missed CCs theme last week. Not just CC but other memes as well. I got so busy cleaning the house. It was only then that I realized that blogging consumes most of my time. To all the hosts of these memes, I will make it up this week guys and to begin with, here is my entry for CCs theme, “what do we want from each other”.
What do I want from Rhonnel? Hmmm…let me think. I want Rhonnel to let me massage him when he is tired. I always love to massage him but he always refuses. I do not know why. Maybe because my massages are not good enough or he just does not want me to get tired. Other than this, I want him just the way he is “medyo suplado pero maginoo”. Rhonnel does not speak much in front of the people he does not know very well, but if you are his friend, you will never have a dull moment with him. He has great sense of humor and never run out of jokes. He is hard working and can be very generous and he loves to help the lesser fortunate who deserves his help. He is a true friend, a caring son, a dependable brother, a loving father and a loyal husband.
What he wants from me? Let me guess. I think he wants me to be quiet sometimes. Yes, I talk too much and I know it irritates him when he thinks or doing something. He cannot focus because of my talkativeness. Don’t get me wrong. I don’t nag, medyo makuwento lang. He wants me to be sexy all the time, wearing my spaghetti strap blouses and my short shorts exposing my big thighs…ehehe. One thing I am sure is he wants me to limit my blogging time at night and sleep early every night which is really hard to do.
What do you want from your partner? If there is a tension in your relationship, to mull over this question can be very helpful. Sometimes what you want is so obvious. It is just that your partner is too insensitive to notice or know. Do not be afraid to ask for it. Knowing each others’ needs might be the start of a new, gentler relationship.